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Oz 16

Antonio Nappa was an Italian inmate featured in Oz.

He was portrayed by Mark Margolis, who also portrayed Hector Salamanca in Breaking Bad.


Nappa was an Italian mob boss sentenced to prison for killing a man in a strip bar. He takes control of the prison's Italian gang after Peter Schibetta is sent to the psych ward. He also works in the kitchen. He partners with Kenny Wangler to sell drugs and is often advised by Chucky Pancamo. Nappa's life is ruined when Simon Adebisi, leader of the rival Homeboys gang, infects him with HIV. This would lead to his demise in the HIV unit of Oz, as he was suffocated in his sleep.

Character storyline

Char jafar
Jafar says: Read my lips and come to grips with the reality!

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Prisoner #98N744. Convicted June 4, 1998 - Murder in the second degree. Sentence: 80 years, eligible for parole in 50.

Season 2

Nappa first arrives in Oz being told by both Warden Glynn and Tim McManus that he cannot commit revenge against the man who raped Peter Schibetta. As Schibetta's actual godfather, he goes to Italian staff member Lenny Burrano and asks him what Adebisi, Schibetta's rapist, values most. Nappa advises Glynn to conduct a random drug test — during which, Burrano selects Adebisi for testing.

Once he is weaned off his drug addiction, Adebisi wants to murder the Italians until an inmate named Kipekemie Jara dissuades him. Without Adebisi, the Homeboys are no longer a threat so Nappa steals their drugs so they can come and work for him. He comes to an agreement with Wangler to work as partners. Wangler must, however, kill Jara so the Italians can once again control Adebisi.

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