Antonio Salvatore is a protagonist just like Gulf Walker, but he was the first to be a fallen hero of Ghost Town Alive, he is a banker working at the bank, also know has many name.

He begin has a hero in the interactive act and he's working at the Calico bank, he is also the boss of Gulf and friend he always protected the bank from robbers, he wanted to be sure that no gold is stolen. He help everyone in town to protect the gold that was put in the safe, until everyone decide to become greedy and tried to steal the safe, has the sheriff and deputy arrived to the scene to arrest anyone who tried to steal the bank, but no one know thathe was a outlaw who change his name, but he is really remorseful about his action after he was arrested by the sheriff and his deputy.

Same if everyone in town was in shock to hear that he was the mastermind behind the bank robbery, Antonio tell the town folks that since he came to this town he finally find a place to be integrinted without any problem, because he was feeling accepted for the person he was and not see has a criminal and begs for a second chance wich the sheriff gave him.

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