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Lily, good girls listen to Papa even when he isn’t home. Especially when you heard voices from outside. That’s how bad little girls get kidnapped or eaten. Will you remember that, Lily? Will you? Will you remember it down to your soul?
~ Antonio on his daughter during the 5th Rope Ending before smothering her with a pillow.

Antonio Tabacchi is the main antagonist of the 2021 indie horror RPG Lily's Well. The patriarch of Tabacchi household and is also the father of the 9-year old protagonist, the titular Lily Tabacchi, he is shown to be working as a lecturer of a certain class. Though he was portrayed as a kindhearted father towards Lily at first and a seemingly charismatic person who has several friends that sent him letters, he is revealed to be anything but kindhearted as the game progresses. In truth, he is the leader of the cult known as the College of Azoth trying to execute a project known as "Generation Iteration Development" and is an extremely abusive father towards Lily. With the Generation Iteration Development, Antonio made several clones of Lily in hopes of creating a perfect version of her that could obey to his every whim without any trauma and then intentionally let the clones of Lily meeting her own end by luring her to the well with the screams of an innocent girl which resulted in Lily going to the well in order to save the person, only to be duped at the end.


At first, Antonio himself is portrayed as a kindhearted father towards the 9-year old Lily Tabacchi. Evidenced by the fact that he made hot dogs and boxed mac in order to feed his daughter while entrusting her to stay safe by putting her to bed. This was also further confirmed by one of his friends, Mags, who says that the day Lily was born was the most important thing to his life to the point he shed his tears. Although he is shown to be nice towards Lily at first, he also shows his strict moments in order to keep Lily safe and disciplined. One such incident is where Antonio taught Lily to not play with the stove by showing her some VHS Tapes about how fires started and how they can destroy several homes or telling her not to touch or even take the turtle from the pond otherwise they would bite her fingers or toes.

Although Antonio is a seemingly perfect father who tries his best to discipline Lily to become a good girl, it is also shown that there are moments when Antonio refuses to teach her something. One such incident is where he didn't teach Lily to use the can opener so that she won't steal the cans stored in the pantry. In addition, while Antonio also teach her various type of knots, he didn't teach her the bowline knot, possibly implied that he don't want to see his daughter committed suicide in later future. While Antonio is also shown as a seemingly caring father, it is also shown that he is also a charismatic person as well. This was shown where he managed to make two friends with one of them, Mags, cared about Antonio and Lily's well-being to the point that she wanted to visit Lily and took care of her in order to ease his burden. In addition, Antonio also kept a note from his friend, Vic, about how he wanted to visit Antonio's house one day after helping his mother in the pig farm for a year. In addition, according to Vic, his mother is also asking about Antonio and Lily's well-being, especially due to the fact that Vic's mother was also interested in Antonio's research project as Antonio pursued Vic's mother specialty.

Despite his charismatic nature and his care towards Lily at first glance, it was all revealed to be an act in the end as Antonio hides a dark secret from his friends and his daughter before revealing the true nature towards the latter. In truth, Antonio was an abusive father to Lily, only loving Lily because of his own memory of her. This was also revealed on his motivation where he executes the project known as "Generation Iteration Development" alongside the members of the College of Azoth in which he led by creating several Lily's clones in hopes to make a perfect version of her who is obedient to his whims and freed from the trauma. He has no hesitations to let Lily dying in a cruel and unusual deaths after luring her into the well by using the first Lily's voice or even murdering her himself by either smothering her or shooting her if the project is failing, claiming that he could create several clones of herself non-stop in hopes on fixing her soul several times. Although revealing himself to be a nasty person, he claims that he is proud of how Lily manages to get into the facility and promises her that he will make Lily into his apprentice if she becomes obedient towards him. It is also possible that he rid himself from grief and sadness in order to continue his project. This was evidenced when Lily travels through the Library in the facility where the mysterious voice tells her to kill herself in front of her father in order to see if he has a capacity of emotion seeing his daughter's death.

Though he was revealed to be an abusive bastard in the end, it is also shown that he used to be madly in love with someone albeit in a fanatical sense with the cult benefactor known as Ume. Thanks to his fanatical love towards Ume despite whispering him some things that would make him sick years ago, his wife was revolted after seeing Antonio's fanatical love for her. Even worse is that when Ume seemingly died, his mental state suddenly became worse instead of getting better. When the Lily's mother wanting to take Lily to get out of Antonio's life after seeing his husband was beyond redemption, Antonio then flies into a rage and then murders her. It is heavily implied that Antonio's fanatical obsession with Ume is the reason why he executed the "Generation Iteration Development" in the first place by creating several Lily clones that could be obedient towards him. In the end, even the original Lily's boyfriend, Jeremy, was also appalled by his actions to the point that he swore to himself that he would tear Antonio limb by limb if he ever finds him. In addition, it was then revealed that Antonio is somewhat of a coward who tries his best to save his own skin. This behavior can be further exemplified where he attempts to tell the clone Lily to not call number "911" and tells that it was a bad number so that he could abuse her in every whim and also trying to successfully evading from justice so that they won't find what the cult has been doing in the end.


In the past, it is shown that Antonio and another member known as Mifuyu–who is Lily’s aunt and also one of the members that the protagonist of the I Cannot Drown, Ume, mentioned that had been worshiping her–had been the members of a cult known as College of Azoth. It is one of the cults that worshiped the evil witch who had a penchant of eating children and mermaids, Ume, as she acts as the benefactor of the cult. During July 20th, 1984, Antonio was bestowed a daughter and named her Lily, calling the day to be the most important day of his life to the point that he cried. This also resulted in Mifuyu, who stayed at the cave near the greenhouse, to take care of Lily in said cave as she gave her a birthday card both during her birth and the first year of her birthday.

However, as the time went by, thanks to Antonio being a devoted member of the cult, he then grew fanatically devoted towards Ume despite the fact that she had whispered to him several things that would make him sick. Even after Ume's death, he still fanatically devoted to her and treated her like a mother or a god to the point he murdered several people in order to recreate Ume's body. This resulted in Antonio's wife being revolted for seeing what his husband had become and as a result, she decided to take away Lily from him. However, Antonio found out about his wife's plan and flies into murderous rage and plans to stop her. This resulted in Antonio murdering his wife. In order to save his own skin, he decided to make his wife's death look like a suicide by hanging her corpse in the attic. However, Lily found out about this and decided to go away from her father for good.

Thanks to his seemingly fanatical devotion towards Ume and him losing his daughter because he rebelled against him, Antonio decided to execute a plan known as "Generation Iteration Development" alongside the fellow members of College of Azoth. The Generation Iteration Development is a project where Antonio decided to create the clones of Lily and strives to make her a perfect person in his image, an obedient daughter that could cater to his whims. Before executing the project, it was also revealed that Antonio had become the sole leader of the College of Azoth and is heavily implied that he and his cult tracked down several innocent people who are the threat to the cult's existence evidenced with the board in the office of his facility at B6 detailing the names, ages, and blood type of the people in the photos about the capture risk level.

After making the first clone of Lily by using the essence known as "Azoth" and other ingredients such as meats, 20 Amer Cr, 5 Ado Body and 1 Merm Cardia that he bought from "Sac Supplies" store despite the end results wasn't perfect in the end in order to execute the Generation Iteration Development, Antonio lures the first Lily clone to the well by the sound of screams of help. This resulted in the first Lily making the rope to climb down through the well but ended up meeting her own doom once the rope that she made had snapped. Seeing how the first clone ended up meeting her doom, Antonio then proceeded to record the screams of the first clone before meeting her death and decided to use it for the future clones in hopes for him to create his perfect obedient daughter. This repeated loop of clones of Lily being created, living, and finally dying horribly continues until the present year of 2005, where he created the latest clone of Lily. It was also revealed that he also created the defective clones of Lily that ended up turning into ravenous monsters, while putting most of them in a secret containment, one of them can be encountered in the alternate endings where Lily manages to feed her too much of beef jerky, which results in her getting eaten.

During the first moments of the game, Antonio is shown to be a caring father towards Lily, even giving her hot dogs and boxed mac in order to feed his daughter before going to work at night as a lecturer of a night class. In addition, he also tells the latest clone of Lily to stay safe after putting her to bed. However, this was all a ruse so that Antonio could continue his horrific project by luring the latest clone of Lily to the well with the screams that he had recorded. As a result, Lily ended up getting into the well and having her experiencing death repeatedly, just as Antonio had planned. When one Lily clone had died, he plans to do the same over and over again by creating the clone of Lily and determining to fix her soul to remove the trauma of her brain by letting her meeting her own end when she tried to save someone that was seemingly trapped in the well, proving her that she was a bad girl.

The deaths that the Lily's clone had to endure includes, falling into the well due to the bad rope material that she used which caused the rope to creak, falling into the well due to the moisture of her sweat mixed with the heavy rain that made the rope wet and making the clone Lily uncomfortable to hold, getting pushed by the waves of water towards the lake which brutally killed her by the rocks below after exploring a pipe, getting sucked by a dangerous vine known as overcast vamp vine due to the fact that the current clone Lily has no recollection reading a book about dangerous plants, and then lastly getting eaten by the failed clones who getting starved after she accidentally fell exploring the vent that she found in the well. Despite Lily experiencing the cruel deaths through other clones, her soul still stays the same as it was wiped to clean slate, explaining the ending where Lily got eaten by the overcast vamp vine.

However, the most notable cruel and unusual death that the Lily clone had to endure was in Rope Ending 1, Rope Ending 5, Rope Ending 6, Rope Ending 9 and Rope Ending 10. In Rope Ending 1, it was revealed that Antonio ordered one of his associates to cut the rope in order to let Lily fall into her death. In Rope Ending 6 and 9, it was revealed that Antonio lets the subordinates to close the well while leaving Lily to rot in there with the former being left in a room where another Lily's clone corpse that was eaten by the maggots and the latter having her rope cut by Antonio's associate despite reaching to the bottom of the well which resulted in her leg being injured as she scream for help. However, the most personally soul-crushing ending came in the 5th Ending and the final rope ending. During the 5th end, Lily encounters a window at the depths of the well. Entering the window, she then enters a replica of her bedroom located inside it. Meeting with Antonio in said room, he then attempts to calm Lily down and tells her that good girls always listen to him. This resulted in Lily getting calm down and ended up going to sleep. However, in the end, she was smothered by Antonio with a pillow, killing her.

In the final rope ending, Lily then manages to reach the bottom of the well only to encounter several of Lily's clone corpses scattered in the Well. At the same time however, she also encounters a metallic door which leads her to the secret facility of the College of Azoth. Exploring through the facility until she reaches the first floor by using an elevator, she then accidentally encountered the members of the College of Azoth discussing about one of the failed projects that were caused by another faction that was passed into one of the work-study students, which is revealed to be "Project Nymph" that one of Antonio's associates talks about through his letter that ended up causing side effects due to the incompetence of doing the previous step which causes Mercury Flooding. After meeting with the students of College of Azoth, instead of murdering her, Lily was then brought to the homunculus laboratory, where Antonio is working by the associates of the cult. Meeting with Antonio in said laboratory, he then reveals his true nature towards Lily and the project that he has been brewing for ages before shooting Lily in the head, killing her. Although at the same time, Antonio claims that he is proud of how Lily manages to get into the facility and promises her that he will make Lily into his apprentice if she becomes more obedient towards him. Even if the players have the intent to explore the facility again and reach the first floor, Antonio has no hesitations to murder another Lily clone again when encountering him at the first floor in order to restart his experiment.

Eventually, all the suffering that the Lily clones had to endure several times will give the secret numbers that lead to the secret code. It was then revealed that the secret number itself is a phone number to call the original Lily. If the clone Lily rummages through the mailbox, one of her items that she found was a scribbled letter. Through the scribbled letter that the clone Lily reads, it was revealed that the original Lily now moves on with his boyfriend, Jeremy, and also swearing that she would never come back to visit Antonio ever again, saying that she don't want to fell into the same depravity as him while taunting that Jeremy will kill him if he ever met him. After ended up calling the original Lily due to the latest clone being distressed after remembering the pain and suffering that she had gone through despite didn't experienced it, the original Lily was appalled after hearing what her father has done to the latest clone of Lily and as a result, she comes into Antonio's house to rescue her. As the original Lily told the latest clone to stay in the car, the former then decided to solve an unfinished business that she had with his father. Curious about the unfinished business, it was then revealed that the original Lily intends to burn Antonio's cabin with the Azoth substance and kerosene. Despite the original Lily telling the latest clone to stay in the car, she then decided to let the latest clone to help her to burn Antonio's facility and house in the end. After the original Lily turns on the lighter, the house and the facility then bursts into violent flames despite the rain, with the blaze assumingly killing Antonio and his associates. In the end, it was then revealed both the original Lily and the latest Lily clone have a happy ending together as the former decided to take her to the dinner and buy her some pancakes so that Lily would eat it, earning a shed of true happiness that the latest Lily clone doesn't have with his father.


  • In the game itself, the substance known as Azoth plays a pivotal role. According to Merriam-Webster, Azoth itself is a mercury that is considered the principle of metals and the universal remedy of Paraclesus. According to the 19th century French occultist, Eliphas Levi, in his book, Transcendental Magic, Azoth itself is considered to be a Universal Medicine that could be used for soul, reason, supreme justice or a mind and is considered the First Matter of the Great Work in the spiritual world that are also considered to be Alchemist's essential substance on creating something. This parallels Antonio trying to create several Lily clones through alchemy with the substance known as Azoth where he puts her soul to bring Lily back to life.
  • Antonio's last name is Tabacchi. According to, Tabacchi itself came from an old Ligurian name, Tabacus and possibly had its roots from the Arabic Language, Thobkhon (طبخ), or better known as Yatbakh (يطبخ), which means cook. Antonio being somewhat of a cook makes sense to a certain degree both literally and figuratively. Evidenced by the fact that he tried to cook hot dogs and boxed macs to feed Lily in the first chapters of the game for the literal sense and also living his life as an alchemist trying to create the perfect clone of Lily in a metaphorical sense. Antonio's first name itself was derived from the name, Anthony, in which according to VeryWellFamily website, Anthony means "priceless one" or "highly praiseworthy". Due to his name and the combination of his surname, it also reflects to his true personality as Antonio's personality can be summed up as a perfectionist who tried to create a perfect version of Lily that could obey to his whims.
  • If one of the clones of Lily explored the vent and managed to destroy the vent fan with a shears, Lily will encountered a picture of beautiful Japanese Lady that College of Azoth worshiped and also getting several message when she discovered a secret passage through the attic about how Antonio was fanatically obsessed with a woman to the point he considered her a mother or a god. The woman's name is Ume, who is the main protagonist of "I Cannot Drown", one of the previous games by the developer inspired by Yume Nikki, indicating that both games have several connections with each other.