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Ink on a page!
~ Refa, respoing to Londo's protests about mass drivers being forbidden by treaty.

Antono Refa was a Centauri villain in the Babylon 5 universe, first introduced in the episode The Geometry of Shadows.

He was portrayed by William Forward.

A member of the old school of Centauri nobility from the northern provinces, Refa was an ambitious man who sought nothing less than to become Emperor of the Centauri Republic. At first he was an ally of Londo Mollari, due to their similar aims in restoring the Centauri to their former glory.

When Emperor Turhan was seriously ill, Refa arranged the assassination of Prime Minister Malachi, the one Centauri with enough power to stop him. After the Emperor died, since Turhan had no heirs and Malachi was dead there was no clear line of succession. Several rival claimants quickly eliminated each other, clearing the way for Refa and his allies to place the Emperor's nephew Cartagia on the throne. Refa and his allies intended Cartagia to be little more than a powerless figurehead, but Cartagia soon gained absolute power.

With help from Mr. Morden and his Shadow masters the Centauri were able to defeat the Narn in a short lived war. Refa then arranged the bombing of Narn with mass drivers, even though those were outlawed by treaty. The Narn were forced to surrender to the Centauri.

After the Narn were conquered Mollari decided to distance himself from Morden and his Shadow masters, Morden turned to Refa, who was only too happy to oblige Morden's requests and go to war with all their neighbors. Soon the Centauri were fighting on twelve fronts at once. When Mollari found out, he was forced to dose Refa with the first part of a binary poison with the threat to administer the activating part to get him to encourage a more rational military policy with the Emperor and stop talking to Morden.

A short time later Londo's true love Adira Tyree died by poison. Londo figured that Refa was responsible, getting back at him for poisoning him. (What Londo didn't know was that Morden had actually poisoned Tyree to manipulate Londo back into their influence).

No....No! This is a mistake! Come back!
~ Refa's last words.

Londo soon arranged a trap in which he let Refa think that Citizen G'Kar had returned to the Narn homeworld to rescue Na'Toth. When Refa was on the Narn homeworld, Londo arranged for a number of local Narns to personally "thank" Refa for his role in bombing Narn, and the deaths of five or six million Narn, with the implied reassurance that they can kill that specific Centauri without retaliation. Before the Narn beat Refa to death, G'Kar instructed the group to make sure a data crystal was found on Refa, and to leave his face and head intact for identification.

A short time later Refa's mangled corpse was found, with a data crystal on his body. This data crystal made it appear that Refa was going to betray his fellow Centauri to the Narn Resistance. Refa's House was left disgraced by Refa's actions.

Refa's daugther Senna would later fall in love with and marry subsequent Centauri Emperor Vir Cotto.