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These are my Clanmates more than WindClan ever was. Where else would I go?
~ Antpelt to Ivypool about the Dark Forest warriors in "Sign of the Moon"

Antpelt is a minor antagonist in Warriors book series.

He served as a minor antagonist in Omen of the Stars arc.

He is a former warrior of WindClan who trained in the Dark Forest where he was killed by Thistleclaw during one of the training sessions. After his death he descended to the Dark Forest, where he finally joined the rest of evil spirit warriors, just like he wanted. However, he was killed by Ivypool as a test of her loyalty, which caused him to fade away.


During Life

Antpelt was a WindClan warrior. One day, a RiverClan warrior named Pebblefoot accidentally chased a squirrel onto WindClan territory in full view of a WindClan patrol containing Antpelt. Antpelt yelled at him, calling him a trespasser and a prey-thief. Pebblefoot apologized to the patrol, but Antpelt wouldn't accept it and continued accusing Pebblefoot of trying to steal WindClan's prey on purpose. The scrawniness of the RiverClan cats only made it more clear that they didn't have enough prey on their own land, likely fueling his suspicions.

Mistystar, the leader of RiverClan and the RiverClan hunting patrol, apologized to Ashfoot, the deputy of WindClan and the leader of their patrol. Antpelt snarled at the RiverClan cats, telling them to get their mangy pelts off WindClan territory, or the WindClan cats would make them. He raised a paw threateningly, showing off his claws. Ashfoot, however, ordered Antpelt to put his claws away, and led her patrol back to the WindClan camp.

At some point, Antpelt started training in the Place of No Stars for unknown reasons. During training, he knocked Ivypaw aside when she leapt to attack him, making Thistleclaw angry. Thistleclaw gave Antpelt a harsh blow to the ear, and the blood spattered across Ivypaw's muzzle. When Tigerstar spoke about the end of the Clans, Ivypaw was horrified to see that Antpelt's eyes were shining with pleasure.

Antpelt later trained again with Ivypaw--now Ivypool. He kept his blows soft, once again angering Thistleclaw, who told him to stop fighting like a kit. In response, he attacked Ivypool with full force, causing her to fall. Antpelt gave her a sympathetic look and waited for her to get up, but Thistleclaw took it as a sign of cowardice and attacked him, wounding him heavily.

Later, at a Gathering, Ivypool's sister Dovewing overheard that Antpelt was badly injured and likely wouldn't survive. He died in the WindClan medicine den, surrounded by his Clanmates, including his friend Swallowtail. His spirit went to the Place of No Stars, where he told Ivypool that the Dark Forest cats were more of his Clanmates than WindClan had ever been. He said that while Ivypool might've seen him as dead, to him, he was simply staying in the Place of No Stars forever.

After Death

I liked Antpelt! He doesn't belong with these evil cats.
~ Ivypool's thoughts about Antpelt in "Sign of the Moon"

After his death, Antpelt did nothing but train, and began bossing around the living cats who trained in the Place of No Stars. Breezepelt told Ivypool that ever since he died, Antpelt had begun thinking he was better than the trainees. When Ivypool landed in a pile of leaves during training, Antpelt stood over her and pinned her down. She reminded him that she'd helped him when Thistleclaw had fatally wounded him, but Antpelt simply responded that he was a Dark Forest warrior, and that he deserved the position he was in. He also stated that the Place of No Stars was better than StarClan.

When Ivypool expressed her desire to become an official Dark Forest warrior to Hawkfrost and Brokenstar, they told her she could become one if she defeated Antpelt. Ivypool agreed, and during her fight against him, she ripped him open from throat to tail, causing him to fade away forever. Breezepelt took Antpelt's spirit death particularly hard, developing a hatred for Ivypool, who later noted that she'd never wash Antpelt's blood from her paws.


Antpelt was a small, lithe brown tomcat with one black ear, long scars across his back and throat, and amber eyes.


In life, Antpelt was a calm cat who rarely spoke, and whose motives for training in the Place of No Stars were never known. He was hostile towards the other Clans; however, he was also kind, and showed a clear distaste for hurting other cats during training in the Place of No Stars. After death, though, he became prideful and bossy, and seemingly no longer cared whether or not he hurt others.

In the The Broken Code arc of the Warriors series, the Place of No Stars is repeatedly stated to be a place that can turn a good cat bad--it is possible that is what happened to Antpelt.


Antpelt on the Warriors Wiki

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