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Antpelt is an antagonist in the Warriors book series. He is a warrior of WindClan.


Antpelt is revealed by Ivypaw to be training in the Dark Forest for unkown reasons. In one dream, Thistleclaw tells the cats to work together, and when Ivypaw leaps foward to attack, Antpelt knocks her aside. This angers Thistleclaw for not cooperating, and he slashes him by the ear. Ivypaw looks away sickly, feeling Antpelt's blood splash on her pelt. Towards the end of the book Ivypaw sits with him, Tigerheart, Hollowpaw, and Breezepelt. When Tigerstar starts to talk about the end of the clans Ivypaw is horrified when she sees Antpelt's eyes shining with pleasure.


Antpelt is a small brown tomcat with one black ear and amber eyes.


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