Toa serve an important purpose in this world - they help me keep my claws sharp.
~ Antroz,
The challenge of being a Makuta is choosing which powers to use to destroy your enemies. It gets boring using the same ones all the times. Variety is a spice of destruction, after all.
~ Antroz

Antroz is the major villain from the BIONICLE series. He also serves as the main antagonist in the Karda Nui arc. Antroz was a Makuta who served as the member of the Brotherhood of Makuta as well as the leader of the Makuta Strike Force.

He was voiced by Scott McNeil who also voiced as Onua and Kalmah in the animated show.


Approximately 100,000 years ago, Antroz and the other Makuta were created by the Great Beings, using the substance known as the Antidermis. When the Brotherhood of Makuta came into being, he eventually became a member of the organization as the high-ranking commander of the army. 

A few years later; when the League of the Six Kingdoms led by Pridak attempt to overthrow Mata Nui, Antroz was assigned by Makuta Miserix to assist Makuta Teridax and their army to stop the rebellion. While Teridax and the others went to Metru Nui to attack Pridak and his allies, Antroz, Vamprah, Gorast and Bitil went to launch an ambush on the Barraki fortress. During the ambush, Antroz and Gorast successfully overpowered Kalmah while Vamprah and Bitil defeated Ehlek with ease.

Later after quite sometimes, Miserix assigned Antroz to supervise the island of Xia, which he later supervised its population and their activities.

When Teridax demanded a Convocation to reveal his plan of overthrowing Mata Nui and claim leadership, Antroz was the third one to side with him after Gorast and Bitil were the first to side with him.

Karda Nui Invasion

Antroz and the other Makuta listened to Gorast who explained to them that Teridax have ordered them to invade Karda Nui and transform the Av-Matoran into the Shadow Matoran in order to prevent more creation of the Toa of Light. Antroz became the leader after he, Vamprah, Chirox, Krika, Gorast and Bitil were chosen to invade Karda Nui. He then tried to persuade Icarax into joining them in their quest. However, Icarax refused and Antroz gave up 

When the Toa Nuva and their allies stormed into Destral, Antroz was ordered by Icarax to stop them from reaching to the Codrex. He then got into the Jetrax T6 and engaged Pohatu in Rockoh T3 and Lewa in Axalara T9 in the ariel combat. The three vehicles clashed as 


Antroz later regained his consciousness and witnessed the Energy Storms began to wreck Destral following Ignika's sacrifice. Realising that Teridax had betrayed him and the rest of the Brotherhood, he desperately have Mutran to get him out of the island but Mutran refused to do so due to him obsessed with the storm. Helpless and trapped, Antroz was eventually destroyed by the storm along with the remaining Brotherhood.


Antroz was a skilled, tactical, and persuasive commander and an accomplished warrior. Unlike some of the Makuta, he did not underestimate his foes. He also had a rare sense of honor, opposing cheating and deceit and wishing to win a fight fairly. 

Powers and Abilities

Antroz was the Brotherhood's most strategic commander and a skillful Makuta warrior. Armed with 



  • Antroz had a higher position in the Brotherhood of Makuta and would have been the new leader if Teridax died. However, this never happen because Teridax was more intelligent than him and have a bigger plans and Antroz eventually died after he realized that he was betrayed by his master.
  • Antroz is likely named after one of the bat species, the pallid bat called Antrozous pallidus.
  • Unlike the other Phantoka Makuta, his form is draconic in appearance. He is also the only one that resembles a humanoid at all.
  • He is also the only Makuta to ever ride on the vehicle.


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