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The Ants are a group of hostile arthropods that appear in the Cyanide and Happiness skit: "Eggs".


In the skit, a pair of boys named Josh and Zeeke egg an old grouchy man's house after he gave them eggs for Halloween. After the home was egged, the Ants appeared out from under their hill and lifted up the man's house onto their backs. He screamed in horror as they began carrying him towards the hill, the boys looking on with shocked expressions on their faces. Once they reach the hill, the compress the home and squeeze it into their hill, Mr. McElroy along with it. They appear briefly in the after-credits scene as Zeeke told Josh not to say anything.


Although they display traits different to that of their real-world counterparts, they appear to look like normal black ants.



  • It appears that they're only attracted to food that appears outside of homes.


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