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The Ants are minor antagonists in the cartoon series Garfield and Friends. They are a colony of ants who constantly sing and usually appear to steal food from people, mainly from Garfield and Jon.

All of them were voiced by Ed Bogas.


The Singing Ants, as their names suggests, are very small ants with four arms. Their colors are known for changing in each appearance, being black in "The Picnic Panic", blue in "A Vacation From His... Senses", and red in "Another Ant Episode".


The Singing Ants are known for being very thieving and mischievous to steal food from others, as they mention how they're "always here to mess up any day" in their debut appearance. They are also very cunning, being able to avoid capture by Garfield throughout the course of their appearances and also mention how they can't be beaten, as in every one of their appearances, it ends with them always winning no matter what Garfield does.


The Picnic Panic

Garfield, Jon and Odie go on a picnic in the woods, accidentally having their picnic near an ant hill where the Singing Ants make their first presence and make their way to the picnic. Afterwards, Jon and Odie go on a jog while Garfield stays behind and being forced into making a promise not to eat the picnic. But as Garfield dozes off into a nap, the ants sneak into the area and steal the picnic. Garfield recognizes the stolen picnic and fears being punished by Jon for the absence of the picnic until he spots the ants making a getaway with the picnic basket.

Garfield gives chase after the colony of ants, but the ants prove to be too tricky for him to capture. After searching for the picnic and narrowly escaping a swarm of bees he accidentally disturbed, Garfield finds the empty picnic basket and pretends to be a lunch himself, catching the ants attention, but they instead toss Garfield into a stream and down a waterfall. After failing to stop the ants, Garfield returns to the picnic as Jon and Odie return. Jon blames Garfield for the missing lunch, but the ants come to Garfield's help and they all hurl Jon into the lake.

After the disaster of a picnic they had, Jon and Odie decide to return home, while Garfield goes back to the ants to welcome him as an honorary ant, and Garfield joins their colony with the food the ants stole.

A Vacation From His... Senses

The Singing Ants make a cameo when Jon is in bed, panicking over his crazy house makeover by Garfield and Odie, singing while walking all over Jon's bed. Jon, freaked out over the return of the characters from the last season, freaks out and flees.

Another Ant Episode

The Singing Ants make their return to torment Garfield and Jon once more by raiding their home, first by taking over the kitchen. The ants then steal Garfield's sandwich and he chases it all through the house and into a shed where a pitbull resided in. Afterwards, Jon tries using ant spray to kill them, but they immediately snatch the can from him and chase him out the house, while Garfield tries to stop them with ant traps, only to be thrown out the door.

Eventually, Garfield and Jon decide to call up Mr. Leo Crater, a local exterminator from Crater Pest Control, to help deal with the pests, but to no avail, even with the help of Crater's insane ant-killing robot. With their home destroyed, the ants then leave the house, proclaiming that they'll never be defeated and claim that by time the house is rebuilt, it'll be time for a third Ant episode, which unfortunately never happens, marking their final appearance in the series.

The Stand-Up Mouse

The Singing Ants are mentioned by Floyd, complaining of how they could find room on the show for Penelope or the Singing Ants, as Floyd sings a portion of their song from "The Picnic Panic".


  • Strangely, their voices in their first two appearances were high-pitched, but in Another Ant Episode, their voices were made deeper.
  • "A Vacation From His... Senses" is their only minor role in the series.


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