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The Ants are recurring characters in the adult animated Internet/TV series, Happy Tree Friends. They usually torment Sniffles with a slow and antagonizing death.

They have been voiced by Misha Klein, Jessica Teach, Jennifer Hansen (2000), Sarah Castelblanco, (2000-2004), Warren Graff (2000-present), Kenn Navarro, and Ken Pontac (2003-present).


The ants are a group of purple ants who are related to each other. Each ant have three round spheres for their bodies, and are obviously tiny in size. Each Ant have their own feature. The mother ant has a purple bushy hair do, the son Ant wears a red baseball cap, the daughter Ant has orange hair with a bow in it, and the baby Ant has a purple strain of hair.


The Ants are a family of ants who serve as recurring characters throughout the series. There is a mother ant, a baby ant, a son, and a daughter. They live an anthill with a door at the top. Sniffles is their enemy, as he tries to eat them in every episode they appear. The Ants get revenge by torturing and killing him in the most sadistic ways possible, most notably in Tongue in Cheek, and apparently enjoy doing so.

They can be tricked easily, as is shown in Tongue in Cheek, in which they believe that a rather poorly drawn picture of an ant on Sniffles' finger is a real ant. As a result, they open the door to their anthill and Sniffles reaches in to grab them. In the same episode, a Robot Ant destroys their anthill. Even later in the episode, they use Sniffles' skin to build a new home. Also in Tongue in Cheek, Lumpy unknowingly saves an ant's life without knowing it by accidentally treading on Sniffles' tongue, stopping it just inches from an ant.

In Crazy Ant-ics, they are shown to be religious, as they are seen saying grace before Sniffles' tongue bursts into their dining room. Ironically, soon after, they torture Sniffles to death.

Each Ant appears to have their own distinct personality. The mother ant appears to be protective of her children. This is most prominently seen in A Hard Act to Swallow, where she rescues her youngest offspring from Sniffles, who has eaten him. The Brother Ant and Sister Ant are also brave and sadistic. The baby Ant has the most screen time out of all of the Ant Family. He's often seen putting his life on danger to get food from Sniffles. He's also resourceful, as he has a gasoline tank in Crazy Ant-ics, and a flamegun in A Hard Act to Swallow.


  • Their format with Sniffles is a reference to The Ant and the Aardvark.
  • Because of their cruelty towards Sniffles, they are arguably one of the most hated characters on the show. However, there are some who sympathize with them, as they seem to be afraid of Sniffles and may be resorting to torture to get him off their back.
    • Most people however do not sympathize with the ants in the episode "Suck It Up", in which the ants intentionally provoke Sniffles by stealing all his cookies while he was ill, making him unable to do anything until later in the episode.


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