ST Virvius

Anubis is the main antagonist of the Super Scope game Battle Clash and its sequel Metal Combat: Falcon's Revenge. He pilots the ST (Standing Tank) Thanatos in the first game, and he has a clone that pilots the Thanatos as well. He is fought as the penultimate boss of the game, and he pilots the ST Virvius. The Thanatos has two forms in the first game, but it does not in the second game. In the second game, the Virvius has a second form. Anubis is said to be the leader of Eltoria and plans to take over Earth for himself after the Eltorians' homeworld was destroyed. He hosts the Battle Games as a means to hide his true intentions to take over the Earth. He had also killed Mike Anderson's father prior to the events of the first game. After Mike defeated Anubis in the first game, he reappeared in the second game and Mike and Carol fought through the opponents, before confronting Anubis in the fortress of Eltoria. In the end, after receiving help from Rola, Mike, Carol, and the player confronted Anubis one final time and killed him for good.
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