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Anubis is a member of The Employers and one of the overarching antagonists of the Madness Combat series REALM.



Though his specific backstory is unknown, it can be inferred that Anubis, like his fellow |Employers, was originally a servant of the High until he and his comrades betrayed it and steal its powers.

REALM: Illuviation

Alongside his fellow Employers Ra and Osiris, Anubis observed Kelzad Oox's fight against Sokar/Yeelon Mekyr. After Kelzad drove Sokar off, Anubis stated that they should interfere now that Sokar had been weakened. However, Ra informed Anubis that he believed Kelzad could take Sokar, and suggested that they instead take back "what [was theirs]".


  • Anubis derives his name from the Egyptian god associated with the afterlife and mummification.


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