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Anubis is a recurring antagonist of Stargate SG1. He is a partially-ascended Goa'uld who wants to reign on the entire Milky Way.

As Anubis, he was portrayed by David Palffy who also portrayed Sokar in the same series. As Jim, he was portrayed by George Dzundza.



Anubis was once a powerful System Lord that was later dismissed from his rank by the others System Lords, who considered the nature of his crimes as nefarious even for a Goa'uld. Consequently they tried to kill him but missed, so Anubis posed himself as dead for continuing his research on Ascension without any disturbances. Finally, his research led him to Oma Dessala, an Ancient who did the ascension, so he manipulated her and finally she made him make the Ascension, However, when she discovered Anubis' real personality, it was too late and the others ascended ancient left him in a mid-ascended state to punish her.


When Osiris manages to capture Thor, the supreme commander of Asgard's fleet, Anubis comes himself to extract information about the Asgard's technology thanks to a device that he created thanks to his acknowledgement of the Ancient's technology. However SG1 manages to free Thor, and Anubis is forced to flee because of the new Asgard spaceships, who can now destroy Anubis's one.


To eliminate Terran's threat once and for all, Anubis uses a device to make the Stargate explode, which would destroy the whole planet. Despite this, his plan fails when O'Neill drops the Stargate into space and Bra'tac, Teal'c, and Rya'c destroy the weapon.

Full Circle

Anubis goes to Abydos to take the Eye of Ra, a powerful artifact that, when combined with the other five eyes that Anubis already has tenfold the power of a single eye, can supply energy to his superweapon on his new spaceship. However, Sg1 takes the eyes before him, and the System Lords send spaceship to destroy him. Due to this, an ascended Daniel Jackson convinces Anubis to make a deal, the eye for the safety of Abydos, but after that, Anubis got the eye and he destroyed all the spaceships, breaking his promise to spare Abydos. Due to this, Jackson tries to stop him, but Oma blocks him and makes him disappear to avoid the Ancients' punishment. After this Anubis finally destroys Abydos, but thanks to Oma, all of the inhabitants has been saved.

Fallen and Homecoming

Months later after the destruction of Abydos, Jonas Quinn and a now mortal Daniel Jackson introduce themselves in Anubis's spaceship to find a critical weakness, this done, Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter destroy the super weapon with a spacecraft, however Anubis captures Quinn and uses the same device that he had previously used on Thor to extract information,with these last he finds a new power source, the Naquadria, so he travels to Quinn's homeworld and invades it to take all the Naquadria he can find, however his unstable nature complicate the use of it, Anubis charges one of his lieutenants to stabilize it but this one fails so Anubis orders to his First Prime Her'ak to kill him to punish his failure, after that he sends Her'ak and his Jaffa to find a data crystal containing all the research done on the Naquadria to try to finds a mean to stabilize it,however despite Her'ak takes back the crystal to SG1 he loses it during the struggle against them and finally SG1 recover it, on top of that several spaceship led by Ba'al attack Anubis's one and finally after that Anubis has escaped, destroy it.


Doubting of the reliability of the Jaffas, Anubis creates a new type of soldier ,the Kull warriors, who are artificially engineered host made alive thanks to an Ancient device with a Goa'uld symbiote inside who lack of any personality thanks to the Goa'uld queen who gave them birth, also they wear a armor who gives them a near invulnerability, so Anubis uses them to kill minor Goa'uld and incorporate their army of jaffa to his own, however SG1 manage to kill the Queen and Thoth a Goa'uld scientist who worked on the warriors for Anubis, which avoid the creation of new Kull wariors.

Later Samantha and Jacob Carter create a weapon against the Kulls.

Lost City

Anubis sends his troops on a planet that has an Ancients' Repository of knowledge to avoid anybody to seize it, however O'Neill manage to download the Ancient's knowledge and destroy the device, after that Anubis makes execute by two Kulls Warrior the Jaffas who failed their mission, so Anubis decide to attack Earth with his fleet but this one is finally destroyed thanks to an Ancient's outpost located at the North Pole.


Anubis now in the form of a pure energy because of the destruction of his spaceship, reach Earth by possessing a Russian astronaut, Anatole Konstantinov, after that he take possession of Alexei Vaselov, a Russian colonel who wants to work at the SGC ,over there Anubis try to escape Earth by the Stargate several times by taking possession of different persons at each attempt, when he tries to leaves Earth with O'Neill, Vaselov blocks his way and convinces him to take him rather than O'Neill which does Anubis,so he crosses the Stargate but unfortunately for him Carter had rescheduled the destination's address and land on a frozen desert planet, however by an unknown means Anubis manage to escape the planet.


During the war against the Replicators Anubis send his spaceships to attack them head on, wich makes him loses a lot of them, however when Ba'al reports to him the takeover of Dakara by the Jaffa Rebellion, Anubis orders him to stop the hostilities against the replicator and to retake Dakara at any cost, however after the definitive destruction of the Replicators the Jaffa rebellion led by Bra'tac take control of Ba'al's spaceship which obliges him to flee, thus marking the rebellion victory.


After the Replicator's threat gone, Anubis decides to put his plan into action, indeed he wants thanks to the Ancient's weapon of Dakara to wipe out all life in the galaxy to recreate it as his look, so he spreads false information to lure the rebellion at Tartarus to reduce the number of jaffa who defend Dakara, so his ruse works and with the help of the Kulls Warrior he retakes Dakara, however when all seems lost Oma Dessala decides to stop him once and for all by making him do a full ascension and finally by compelling him to fight her for the eternity.

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