Anubis guard masked

Anubis is a villain from the film Stargate. He is depicted as being the First Prime of the alien ruler Ra on the planet Abydos. Anubis is a male human who directly descends from the slaves that were transported by Ra from the planet Earth to Abydos through the space travelling device Stargate. He leads and have control over Ra's forces and is worshipped as a god by Abydos's inhabitants.

He was played by Carlos Lauchu.


He wears a retractable helmet resembling the head of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. The helmet conceals both his neck and head. He leads the Horus Guards and wears a distinctive outfit: his clothes are more colorful compared to the ones worn by his subordinates. He sports shades of blue, green and magenta. His garment features a gauntlet on his left hand which allows him to activate the Ring-Stargate connecting the pyramid with Ra's starship. Five golden metal claws covers his fingers and function as short-ranged weapons. He deliberately chose to fulfill the mission of sending a mineral-enhanced destructive device back to the planet Earth. He fought against Colonel O'Neil and, after being defeated by the latter, was decapitated by one of Ra's Ring-Stargate.

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