Anvil, with his namesake prominent.

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Stop hand

No! Anvil say STOP!
~ Anvil, to Mark Hollander.

Anvil is a minor villain in the BBC TV series and video game Ace Lightning. He is one of Lord Fear's minions and serves the purpose of a pet, of sorts, and a muscle-guy.

He is voiced by Howard Jerome.


Appearing as an anthropomorphic upright rhinoceros dressed in medieval-style clothing (hinting him as being the oldest character in the show), with a wooden barrel and trash-can lid strapped to one of his shoulders and an iron anvil in place of his right arm (hence his name), Anvil is Lord Fear's muscle and semi-pet. He is very stupid and suffers from both a severely short temper and a severe phobia of the dark.


Anvil has super strength, rivaling both Ace Lightning and Random Virus, his rival. He also transforms into the Kent Bros. Carnival's strength-testing game, when his powers are depleted. He also grows very strong as the series progresses.


As with many Ace Lightning villains, not a great deal is known about Anvil's past, although it's known that Anvil was imprisoned with Lord Fear, by Ace, in energy vats in the Sixth Dimension. When Fear escaped, Anvil followed him. He then became Ace's recurring rival, with his increasing strength in season 1, up until episode 26, when Mark Hollander broke the Amulet of Zoar. Anvil returned in season 2, albeit with even more strength, but with less patience and stubbornness. Anvil was defeated in episode 13 (the final episode of season 2) by Lord Fear, who'd temporarily allied himself with Ace in order to destroy all his enemies in one go.

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