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Heh, so you think your brother will resist me? Your father gave in to me eventually. Your brother will surely do the same. As the only survivors of Kuang Village... your precious lives still have a role to fulfill.
~ Anvis responding to Avinia's remark on not co-operating with him.
Listen carefully, worms! I am Anvis, the new ruler of this world! Remember this name and tremble in fear!
~ Anvis

Anvis is the main antagonist of the second season of Monster Hunter: Stories - Ride On. He occupies as the ruler of the Blackcastle and has a Kushala Daora monstie along with a large number of subordinates who follow him.


Anvis spends a lot of his early screentime as a silhouette masked by curtains although when he finally reveals himself, he is shown to be wearing male Kushala Daora armour with the addition of a large cloak. Anvis' face is physically never seen but his eyes through his helmet are shown to be a light red colour.


Episode 49

The Blackcastle is introduced along with the Ebon Riders and the silhouette of Anvis that peers from the curtains of the chamber. The Ebon Riders proceed to mock Avinia, Anvis says no words at this point but is visible. Later the Ebon Riders bicker and then proceed to bring up Lute which results in Anvis responding with "I need that Kinship Stone", he then sends Gale to hunt down Lute, get his Kinship Stone and bring it to him.

Episode 50

Near the end of the episode, a bunch of kinship stones are given to Anvis although the Ebon Riders admit that they failed to steal Lute's and promise to get it next time. Anvis says no words at this point.

Episode 55

The Ebon Riders are in Anvis's chambers as Anvis exclaims annoyance of the fact they've yet to claim Lute's Kinship Stone. After the Riders bicker, he exclaims about the fact Lute is likely seeking Kinship Ore

Episode 63

Anvis asks Gale about the captured girl (Avinia) which then results in him scolding Gale for the lack of Kinship Stones he's been stealing and bringing to Anvis to which Gale responds with an apology and a promise to double his efforts.

Anvis appears again near the end of the episode where he reveals and unleashes his Kushala Daora monstie which unleashes total mayhem with its tornadoes, Lute, Cheval, Avinia and the others escape the area before the tornadoes overtake them to which Anvis glares at them and laughs maniacally that they "couldn't hide from him". This is the first time his physical self is revealed along with his Kushala Daora monstie.

Episode 65

The Ebon Riders once again are in Anvis's chambers, speaking about their failure of stopping Avinia's rescuers. Anvis arrives only to then ask the Shadow sisters if they wanted to become the strongest Riders which they agreed, Anvis then says that he'll finish the preparations for the ritual so it can be performed on them. Anvis commands the other Ebon Riders to continue searching for kinship stones which results in Wrath becoming agitated of the fact that he wasn't chosen to have the ritual performed on him before being shunned and turned down by the other Ebon Riders.

Episode 66

The Ebon Riders are in Anvis's chambers with Shadow having returned from a failed attempt to gather Kinship Stones, Anvis smooth-talks the Shadow sisters into agreeing with having the ritual used on them to make them "stronger". Anvis performs the ritual which violently eradicates Noire's soul, turning her into a lifeless husk (a walking corpse). Anvis believes the ritual to be a "huge success", admitting that he knew what would happen beforehand while speaking to Mad, he then speaks in anticipation of finally understanding the Rite of Overlapping.

Episode 67

Gale attempts to assassinate Anvis in his sleep but the bed is empty. Anvis is behind him and discovering Gale's true nature. Its confirmed by Nuts that he's secretly been reporting directly to Anvis of Gale's activities. Anvis admits that he never trusted Gale from the beginning and the reports of his actions only made his suspicion grow. Gale is then sent to the dungeon by Anvis's subordinates.

The remaining 3 Ebon Riders are within Anvis's chamber, starting with Wrath admitting that Lute and his friends are getting stronger, Shadow then speaks out of line and clearly still enraged of what happened to Noire (her sister). Fed up of Anvis's orders, she calls upon her Nargacuga monstie to deal with Anvis once and for all but then he reveals his Kushala Daora monstie and subdues Shadow with extreme ease. Anvis mocks her before demanding her capture, he then expresses that he has come very close to achieving the Rite of Overlapping and calls for Wrath and Mad to continue working for him. Gale is released from the dungeon to meet with Anvis where he demands him to bring Avinia's kinship stone: threatening to kill Shadow if he doesn't, to which Gale then agrees to get Avinia's kinship stone.

Episode 68

Wrath and Mad discuss about Anvis's bizarre decision to send Gale to recieve Avinia's kinship stone before reaching Hakum Village to attempt to retrieve it themselves. Lute and Gale fight before Avinia steps in to stop them but this is cut short as tornadoes and storm clouds quickly form, revealing Anvis along with his Kushala Daora whom then swiftly grabs Avinia and flies back while exclaiming "I'll be waiting for you at the Black Castle, Gale!". He knew Gale wouldn't have retreived Avinia's Kinship Stone thus he followed him and waited for the perfect moment where he'd be able to abduct Avinia without warning. Gale and Lute pursue Anvis as Gale admits to Lute that he was never on Anvis's side all along, they both continue their pursuit before the episode ends.

Episode 69

Anvis with an unconscious Avinia exclaims that "the world will kneel before him" as a cackles maniacally. Gale reveals his true motivation and the truth about Anvis's past (about him murdering both of his parents) which disgusts Lute and the others before Gale then continues his pursuit of Anvis while Lute and Cheval attempt to follow but are stopped by Mad. Anvis and Avinia are spotted by Debli whom then follows them. Gale enters into the Blackcastle where Anvis laughs and exclaims that he has been waiting for him and then says his true name to spite him. He admits that he kept Gale close to him because he knew that Gale would be useful to him someday. He points a blade at Avinia's neck, exclaiming that "he won't kill her yet" and that Gale still has an important role to play. He elaborates on the three things required for the Rite of Overlapping to be complete while laughing maniacally before the episode ends.

Episode 70

Anvis tells Gale and Avinia about his history with Kuang village, him being from a clan separate from their mother and father whom had knowledge of the Rite of Overlapping, Anvis exclaimed that he asked their father to teach him the rite but he refused him thus Anvis used more extreme methods, he took the fathers wife (their mother) hostage and demanded the ritual be performed by force. When the ritual was performed, it failed which resulted in Anvis killing both parents. He reveals that his true plan is to become a Rider superior to all the others and threatens to kill Avinia if Gale doesn't comply with his orders. Avinia, Gale and Anvis are then seen in the room where the ritual is intended to take place as Anvis exclaims that he won't accept failure or escape, he then goes on a tangent about him being the chosen one and that their father performed a false ritual so he wouldn't get the power of the overlapping rite.

Gale mentions about Lute's Kinship Stone to which Anvis exclaims that Avinia's will be enough and says that stalling for time will be useless as guards are on post all over the castle to attack intruders, he also mentions the lyrics required for the ritual to be successful. Gale sings the lyrics during the ritual which successfully grants Anvis the Rite of Overlapping, he laughs as storms surround him and the pinnacle of the Blackcastle bursts open where Anvis embraces the new feeling of power he has gotten. Gale confirms with Lute and Cheval that he didn't perform the rite fully so while Anvis gained a power boost, he didn't become completely invincible thus the trio pursue him before he reaches and destroys Fulcradgeo.

Episode 71

The trio pursue Anvis but are stalled by an enormous-sized tornado and ultimately forced to retreat. They hatch up a plan while Anvis is heading straight for Fulcradgeo. Lute attempts to attack him again but the tornado deflects all attacks. They attempt to enter the eye of the storm where the winds won't be strong but they're blown away by a surprise tornado, meanwhile the storms reach Fulcradgeo while the citizens attempt to fortify the place and exclaim to "not bring your children out".

Anvis monologues about showing the power he has gained which results in him sending a powerful shockwave that knocks the citizens off their feet, hunters are sent to make preparations while one comments on the fact the tornado is tearing through a volcano. Navirou is hurled by a tornado before being caught by Gale. Avinia pursues after Anvis, worried about the state of the town and its citizens while Debli trails behind on his Great Poogie. Cheval apologises for his plan backfiring as they couldn't reach the top of the storm. They then reach to the centre of the storm and succeed with the Kushala Daora in plain sight.

Hunters fire ammo at the tornado but to no avail as its directed back at them. Lute, Cheval and Gale all attack Anvis's Kushala Daora but the wind still proceeds to deflect all their attacks while Anvis proceeds to mock Gale and boasts about eradicating Fulcradgeo just to satisfy his bloodlust. Gale charges him but both are surprised by Avinia's arrival whom them joins the fight against Anvis. All attempt to attack but the Kushala Daora unleashes its Dragon Wind Pressure which results in Lute being knocked off Ratha. The next scene then cuts to Fulcradgeo being completely destroyed, Anvis laughs maniacally and claims that he wasn't being serious yet before then deciding to go and attack Gildegaran. The Guild is warned about the attack while the city prepares for the worst. At the end of the episode, Lute is found unconscious washed onto shore

Episode 72

The silhouette of Anvis's Kushala Daora is first seen in a short sequence where a group of Felynes spot them amongst a dust devil. Its said that Anvis used a dark technique to control his Kushala Daora which implies that he didn't even get his monstie legitimately or through caring means. The Kushala Daora lands to face the Felynes which result in them attacking it but fails to make a dent before the Kushala Daora finishes them off. Anvis doesn't make another physical appearance but the rest of the episode is spent on Gildegaran preparing for Anvis's attack along with many characters appearing for the final showdown.

Episode 73

Anvis appears at the beginning of the episode in the distance while the characters prepare. Anvis unleashes dragon wind pressure while the Felynes attempt to blast the Kushala Daora with poison smoke bombs, bowgunners blast barrages of poison ammo at the Kushala Daora with the intent to weaken its control of wind which is shown to be successful.

Once the elder dragon is weakened, ballistas are shot at it while the riders all attack the Kushala Daora. Its revealed shortly that the elder dragon wasn't even scratched and then proceeds to summon tornadoes which blow away a lot of the hunters along with the entirety of the ballista squad. Nariki with his Brachydios charges in to attack Anvis but fails as the wind pressure shoots him and his Brachydios back. Nariki gets up to see Kushala Daora standing right in front of him with a malicious glare. Anvis calls hims a 'worm' before preparing to kill him but is stopped by Lute whom is able to successfully get a hit on him due to Anvis's kinship stone turning red and making him flinch for a second. Anvis and Lute both land their monsties and proceed to talk. Anvis asks Lute why he's fighting him to which Lute responds with his desire to protect everyone from him before asking why he is even attacking everyone in the first place. Anvis answers with him being stronger than everyone and that the strong should eradicate the weak while also remarking that he 'doesn't need any reason other than that'.

Lute angrily exclaims that he won't accept Anvis's twisted way of thinking while Anvis monologues about how strength is power and power is everything. Lute even angrier exclaims that Anvis is purely thinking about himself and that selfishness isn't strength. Anvis finds Lute's remark interesting and proceeds to have his Kushala blast Lute with bursts of wind in mockery of what he said to him. Ratha stops the wind blasts except one which knocks him and Lute off while Anvis's Kushala charges at them, knocking them both out as the smoke clears Anvis is seen choking Lute while laughing and exclaims "what, you're finished already?" with Cheval making multiple attempts to stop him but made difficult due to the dragon wind pressure. Lute exclaims weakily that'd never lose to him while Anvis calls his Kushala Daora to prepare a wind blast and then throws Lute in the air to have the wind blast kill him once and for all but then Cheval along with his Rathian get in the way of the wind projectile which blasts all three of them down. As Lute is getting up Anvis is seen walking menacingly towards him before then kicking him extremely hard and exclaiming that "you were nothing but talk after all" while he gets back on his Kushala Daora to monologue about how he's become the ruler of this world before Gale remarks to him as a bastard but then Reverto calms him down before he attempts to attack Anvis and exclaims that a new plan is needed, entrusting Gale with the new plan while they intend to stall Anvis.

Nariki is given Lute's kinship stone and is entrusted to attack Anvis's Kushala Daora while the other riders force him to use his full power in order to grant an opening. Meanwhile its seen that the hunters are unable to even get close to Anvis due to the surrounding storms until Navirou unleashes a beam of gas due to a device granted to him after reforming Doctor Manelger. Forcing Anvis to use his full power and make his kinship stone glow bright red which stuns him, then Beats blasts a ball of fire into his cannonball wagon to ignite the gas into a gigantic blaze, burning Anvis and making him scream in pain before his Kushala flies out of the blaze. Gale, Mille, Avinia and Hyoro then use their ultimate monstie attacks all at once against Anvis, Anvis is engulfed in more flames before ranting in pure rage about them "digging up their own graves" before the smoke clears and Nariki's Brachydios is seen bolted into the sky before punching Anvis's Kushala Daora and knocking both Anvis and the elder dragon onto the ground. The Kushala Daora falls, both the dragon and Anvis himself presumed to be dead. Gale proceeds to apologize to his sister but is then interrupted by a burst of wind, showing the Kushala and Anvis still being alive, the dragons eyes glowing red and Anvis's kinship stone spiralling out of control before the tornado surrounding the two turns black and unleashes a microburst of wind that taints the sky with a red hue with red lightning striking down. Anvis at this point has become a husk of his former self, an enigmatic force that only desires destruction with the power of the Rite now fully in displayed motion. Gale expresses grief at the horror of what he just witnessed while the others lament on the hopelessness of the situation but then Nakiri admits that he refuses to give up, then agreed upon by Lute and Cheval whom both showed up on the scene. Gale and Avinia lament on defeating Anvis once and for all with the help of the other riders with the power of their kinship.

Episode 74

The fortification in Gildegaran prepare and hold their positions while Lute, Cheval and the others plan a stategy to lure Anvis away from Gildegaran, meanwhile Gale and Avinia go off on their own with the intent to perform the Rite of Reversal, the rite that would reverse the effects of the Rite of Overlapping and permanent separate the Rider from their Monstie. We next see Anvis perform an 'Ancient Storm' that heads straight for Gildegaran, crippling all of the hunters and riders at the front gates of Glidegaran, Reverto included. Lute and the others then charge in while Anvis chants "Disappear" multiple times in a violent manner while Lute and Cheval evade the ravaging storms and proceed to have their monsties blast fireballs at Anvis's way, serving as the perfect distraction for Avinia and Gale to perform the Rite of Reversal, Gale then briefly explains that failure to perform it will result in death but then he tells Avinia to not worry and that he won't fail. Gale proceeds to sing the lyrics to the Rite of Reversal while his kinship stone proceeds to glow purple, Avinia's kinship stone glows green and then she proceeds to sing as-well. Anvis is distracted with taking out both Lute and Cheval with wind blasts, one of which successfully hits Cheval and he attempts to blast Lute as-well before Avinia and Gale's chant enters close proximity and catches both of their attention. Then Gale seemingly rushes in without warning her sister mid-singing while the thought of her mother with a knife to her neck spirals Gale into rage before stating "Burn in hell, Anvis!" before a white cloud overlaps the surrounding storms, then we see Anvis's Kushala Daora (and him) sent flying straight into a shoreline in the distance.


Episode 75



Anvis is a cruel, vicious and unhinged individual whom doesn't care for any of his subordinates as shown when he had the Ritual of Overlapping performed on Shadow's twin only for her to become a lifeless husk from the attempt (using one of his own elite underlings as a test dummy). This is also shown when one of the guards at Blackcastle remarked to undercover Debli to not visit Anvis "if you value your life, that is", impying that he'd kill even his own underlings if they defied the most miniscule orders. He is shown to be unhinged as he justifies the murder of Gale/Avinia's parents with the fact that their father performed a false ritual on him, even in spite of the fact that he took their mother hostage and threatened to kill her (essentially forcing their father to perform the ritual on him). He is even willing to go as far as to kill children as he attempted to kill Lute (whom is 13) and Nakiri (whom is 12). He is shown to be quite manipulative as he promises the Shadow sisters to become powerful Riders only to boost their enthusiasm to have the ritual performed on them, only for it to falter and result in the "death" of one of them, he shows no sympathy or remorse for the other Sister in spite of this. He can be considered pragmatic as he still sweet-talks Mad and Wrath into staying on his side, knowing that they'd still be useful to him.




  • Anvis's appearance was kept mostly as a silhouette until much later into Season 2.
  • Anvis's monster is a Kushala Daora, and is the only rider so far in the franchise to have an Elder Dragon as a monster.
  • Its implied that his misdeeds may have been what caused the Black Blight to reach Kuang Village, making Anvis indirectly responsible for its destruction along with the deaths that come with it.
  • Anvis currently can be considered the darkest and most evil antagonist in the Monster Hunter franchise due to his dark history, attempted kill-count and retaining zero redeeming qualities. In comparison, Doctor Manelger is played mostly for laughs and redeems himself later in the series, Shadow cared for her sister, Mad and Wrath are played for laughs on several occasions, are genuinely friendly to one another and are no longer malicious by the end of the story. Anvis along with the Makili Pietru retain no comedic traits although the Makili Pietru has no clear moral agency while Anvis does in spite of his crimes.