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The Ape Shaman is the leader of the ape men tribe, who serves as the main antagonist of the fifth Primal episode, Rage of the Apemen.

His vocal sound effects are provided by Jon Olsen.


A humanoid ape with a superficial resemblance to a chimpanzee, the shaman shared his kind's limber body features, though being far skinnier than most, as well as being older in appearance. The shaman was the only one of his species who allowed to wear full-body clothing, consisting of a dark robe with a red shawl, leopard headdress and a tiger fur skirt. He also wore an assortment of bone jewelry and carried a staff, further showing his high social status in compare to his tribe.


While the shaman did not express much personality, his body language suggests that he takes great pride at enforcing the rules, observing his subordinates with a scowl on the face. Spear's disruption was met with angry yelling from the shaman, which indicates his deep hatred for any opposition. His active part in creating and managing his species' brutal society also suggests he's sadistic.


His past life is shrouded in mystery. The only confirmed fact about his history is that he was the religious leader of his tribe, or possibly posing as a humble shaman who actually uses the tribe leader as his figurehead. He was the mastermind behind abducting Spear and Fang. His first appearance in the flesh is during a gladiators match between his ape champions. The shaman then orders the warriors to fight to the death, with the winner earning the honor to kill Spear and Fang. He then pounds his staff to begin the tournament, letting the gladiators fight. After the last gladiator, Krog, wins the tournament, the shaman releases Fang to be killed.

The shaman then pours a sip of a mysterious black liquid through a narrow line into Krog's mouth, which transforms the latter into a monstrous hulk. Adorning a Triceratops skull as a helmet, Krog proceeds to mercilessly and savagely beat Fang almost to death.

After Spear breaks free from his bondage and is outmatched by Krog, he climbs the pillar that the black liquid is stored upon. The shaman tries to prevent him from drinking, but is thrown off the pillar to his death, making the spectators shocked and angered.


  • The ape shaman is considered as the first humanoid villain Spear and Fang faced directly, followed by Krog and the Queen Witch.
  • He's the first villain in the franchise who lacks any redeeming qualities, followed by the Night Feeder.


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