The Apex Predators are a mercenary group in the employ of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. They are led by former IMC officer, Sergeant Kuben Blisk. They work for whoever pays them the most without regard for personal ethics.


The Apex Predators were hired by General Marder and his ARES Division. The six known members of the predators had been given command of IMC infantry units, with each being assigned a certain area to patrol. During the Militia assault on Typhon, the Apex Predators would see action fighting against Tai Lastimosa and BT-7274, with Ash eventually stabbing the Titan from behind.

Kane was the first Predator to fight Jack Cooper, and was quickly defeated by him. Jack took Kane's radio, granting him access to the Predators' communications. Listening in, Jack overheard Kuben Blisk order Slone to execute Militia prisoners.

Jack and BT later found themselves in the World Foundry where they confronted Ash.Ash at first attempted to kill Jack through the use of a simulation dome, but was scolded Blisk for being unprofessional and ordered by him to scuttle the facility. He was later killed by Jack.

The next Predator to encounter the duo was Richter, who attempted to stop Jack from activating an Interstellar Beacon. He and his forces failed and he was killed by Jack.

As Jack and BT attempted to reach the IMS Draconis, Viper got in their way, heavily damaging BT in the process. Though Viper was killed, the damage he did to BT made it easy for Blisk to capture Jack and the Titan.

Captured, Jack was interrogated byBlisk and Slone, though he managed to break free and fought through to IMC forces to reach and destroy the Fold Weapon. Arriving at the control room just as Marder was relieving Blisk of his duty, before killing Slone.

Because the Predators' contract being completed, Blisk did not kill Cooper and instead gave him an invitation to join the Predators. He then left, claiming to "have other people with money to see".


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