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Aphoom-Zhah,The Cold Flame, is a Great Old One and spawn of Cthugha.


Aphoom-Zhah was spawned by the Cthugha, but unlike it's parent, he is cold and grey.

He was worshipped by the Hyperboreans as a deity, which led him in direct competition with Rhan-Tegoth and Rlim Shaikorth, thoug the situation remained stable until the arrival of Elder Gods, who imprisioned Rhan-Tegoth and Rlim Shaikorth, while Aphoom-Zhah managed to fight back, creating the North Pole in process.

Aphoom-Zhah was likely also the parent of Gnoph-keh, Rhan-Tegoth, and Voorm.


  • A later addition to the Cthulhu-mythos by Lin Carter.


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