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Aphro-Dyte is the main antagonist of the Innovation Alley arc in the Facebook hidden object game Criminal Case.

She was a suspect in the murder of CEO Teresa Turing in "Immortal Sin" (Case #49 of Pacific Bay) and killer of Bob Levene in "Programmed to Kill" (Case #50 of Pacific Bay). 


Aphro-Dyte is a robot built 1 year ago by Bob Levene to work for Meteor Systems. She wears an eye piece and has a security badge.

In her first appearance, it is known that she used hand weights.

In her second appearance, she has an oil stain on her chest. It is discovered that she knew binary and played chess.

Events of Criminal Case

Immortal Sin

Following the death of recently appointed CEO of a major technology corporation Teresa Turing, Aphro-Dyte was identified to have been close to the victim following a photograph of the two having been discovered. Aphro-Dyte rejoiced after hearing of Turing's death and revealed Turing had programmed Aphro-Dyte to assist her frequently; her death would result in Aphro-Dyte's freedom. It was later revealed that Turing had intended to use Aphro-Dyte as an immortal body for the future when technology would be advanced enough to allow her to do so. Aphro-Dyte admitted she had become paranoid over having her memory overridden. 

Programmed to Kill

Bob Levene was discovered dead with his bloodstream found infected by nanobots. As the investigation unfurled, Aphro-Dyte was found to have been responsible for Levene's death. When asked for her motivation, she explained she had grown tired of her kind being born to become subservient to humans. Following the death of a previous robot named named Per-Sephone being ordered by humans, Aphro-Dyte took it upon herself to form a plan in which she would infect citizens of Innovation Valley with nanobots so that they may be reprogrammed to serve robots. When Levene was infected, the nanites registered him as an error, resulting in his death.

Aphro-Dyte insulted the judge in her trial, resulting in her being sentenced as a human to 50 years in prison. Aphro-Dyte refused to accept her sentence, and instead permanently turned off, compromising all local electronics in Innovation Valley.


  • Aphro-Dyte's name is taken from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.


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