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You puny weakling! I'm surprised you made it this far! Your kind usually buys it at the starting line. We are Apocalypse 9, and it will be our pleasure to blast you to bits and to begin to rid the world of your rotten species! See you on the rooftops!
~ Introduction

Apocalypse 9 is a team of villains who were cut from the original version of the first Twisted Metal game.


Apocalypse 9 is a vicious gang consisting of three thugs. They stole a XJ-39 tank from the US government. One year later, Apocalypse 9 used the tank to compete in the Twisted Metal tournament.

Due to the massive size and power of the XJ-39 tank, Apocalypse 9 was able to kill most of the other contestants in Twisted Metal. Sweet Tooth was the only other contestant who was still alive. He was pushed off a building's edge in the skyline of Los Angeles.

After winning Twisted Metal, the world began to fear Apocalypse 9 for the destruction that they caused. The trio went on a rampage to celebrate their victory. They began by breaking into the house of a middle aged woman and attacking her. Afterwards, Apocalypse 9 beat up an unsuspecting man. They continued their rampage throughout the rest of the world.


  • Apocalypse 9 was replaced by Minion.
  • The reason for Apocalypse 9's removal hasn't been revealed.
  • Apocalypse 9's members were portrayed by three uncredited actors.
  • During their introduction, the bald leader speaks while the other members remain completely silent.


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