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Apocryphos is one of the villains in the D.Gray-Man. He is a special, independent, sentient Innocence that exists for the specific purpose of protecting the Heart. Until recently, it has kept itself concealed within the Order, under the guise of an Unnamed Cardinal. He has stated that his new goal is to absorb Allen Walker making him the secondary antagonist of the series.


When in human form, Apocrypos takes the appearance of a thus far unnamed Cardinal with lightly-colored hair and glasses. He wears the same black cassock seen on the other Central, Vatican officials that he presumably arrived with but does not wear the clerical collar, having only a rosary around his neck. Over his uniform he wears a long, lighter-colored coat.

In his true form, Apocryphos' body is entirely white and somewhat cracked in appearance. He is hairless, and his sclera darken while his irises lighten. He possesses a cross similar in size and shape to the one on Allen Walker's hand on his upper chest.


While in human guise, Apocryphos is amiable and friendly, seen comforting Allen Walker's friends when they are harassed in the cafeteria by those who think Allen should be executed, the Cardinal assuring the group that Allen would not be executed.

Once he reveals his true form, Apocryphos becomes ruthless and obsessed with protecting the Heart. He bears a deep hatred for the Noah, and a deep desire to merge with Allen and his Innocence. He also showed great anger when Allen expressed disgust at Apocryphos' attempt to merge with him.

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