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Apollomon is one of the Death Generals of the Bagra Army, the ruler of Bright Land, and one of the main antagonists of the second half of the anime Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion. He's known as the Sun.


Apollomon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a humanoid lion engulfed in fire. In Digimon Xros Wars, his evil form, known as Apollomon Whispered, has a blueish color.

Digimon Xros Wars

Apollomon Whispered

After Bagramon recreated the Code Crown, he reformatted the Digital World into the seven Satellite Kingdom. Doing so, the Death Generals were born. One of them is Apollomon. Apollomon rules the Bright Land. He served both Bagramon and DarkKnightmon. Apollomon is different in comparison to the other Death Generals. He's not as evil as the other Death Generals, however, Apollomon has an evil alternate form, thanks to Bagramon, called; Apollomon Whispered. He temporaily absorbed DeadlyAxemon so he can form Apollomon Whispered Darkness Mode. Apollomon reappeared along with the other Death Generals as souless Digimon, and combine together to form the ultimate Death General, GrandGeneramon.

Meanwhile, while Taiki, Shoutmon, Balistamon, and Dorulumon were in Prison Land (a place where Digimon's souls live), Apollomon Whispered reappeared with the other Death Generals. The good Apollomon ultimately destroyed his evil side once and for all.

Apollomon's Minions


As Apollomon

  • Sol Blaster
  • Phoebus Blow
  • Arrow of Apollo

As Apollomon (Whispered)

  • Arrow of Whispered


  • Apollomon's Ultimate form is Flaremon
  • Apollomon is the only Death General that was known before Digimon Xros Wars

Apolomon's Other Forms






thumb|left|link=File:Flaremon.jpg Flaremon(Ultimate)