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There were no signs. It came without warning. Doom came to us all, the desperate few who struggled to survive. Perhaps we had a chance for peace, but desperation and trust are seldom allies. So began a millennium of conflict, a thousand years of war. The greatest warriors the world has ever known, the reason they fight lost to the ages. And yet, here they still stand searching for a sign of peace. I will show them... I am Apollyon. I bring war.
~ Apollyon during the introductory narration.
Do you know what kind of creature waits for its own slaughter? Sheep. The Knights of the Iron Legion were once unconquerable. No longer. They now bend the knee to lords and ladies who have forsaken the wisdom of war. The Samurai of the Dawn Empire are fearless, disciplined warriors, yet their emperor dishonors them with his laws and decrees for peace. Most heartbreaking, perhaps, are the Warborn, the Vikings. These ferocious clans have set aside their axes for their feeble family. This will be an age of wolves. Through me, the wolves among them will rise again. I am war.
~ Apollyon's mentality and philosophy.

Apollyon is the main antagonist and final boss of the story mode of For Honor. She is the chief warlord of the Blackstone Legion and intended to break the peace between the Knights of the Iron Legion, the vikings of the Warborn and the samurai of the Chosen.

Apollyon is voiced by Catherine Kidd in English, Hiroko Kiso in Japanese, and Kerygma Flores in Spanish.



Apollyon was born in the scrablands of Ashfeld. During her youth, Apollyon saw all the horrors of war and never forgot, remembering it as a lesson.

Initially a member of the Iron Legion herself, Apollyon grew dissatisfied when the peace between the factions started. Together with fourteen others, Apollyon left the Iron Legion to found the Blackstone Legion, intending to manipulate the factions into open warfare once more in order to usher in "an age of wolves". After founding the legion, eight of the members claimed the title of warlord before Apollyon but they all fell. Only Apollyon survived when she claimed the title and became warlord of the Blackstone Legion. She and the six remaining warlords took on demon names afterwards to remind them what they must become to change the world according to their vision.

Manipulating the Vikings and Knights

These barbarians. They seem like they're good people. Hmm? They embrace each other like they were all kin. But that is all a lie. When night falls, they stab each other with their knives. If there are wolves among them, should we not set them free?
~ Apollyon to The Warden, regarding their attack on Svengard.

After viking attacks endanger the last Iron Legion sanctuary in Ashfeld, Apollyon sends her Blackstone Legion to save them. They manage to scare off the vikings and take in the remainders of the Iron Legion, making them part of the Bloodstone Legion. However, Apollyon notices that the Warden, a newly-recruited member who was pivotal to their victory in Ashfeld, seems uncertain about the Legion's extreme methods. With help of the Warden, Apollyon and the Blackstone Legion are able to conquer the entirety of Ashfeld.

While journeying with the Legion, the Warden is sent to eliminate some Iron Legion defectors. After killing some of them in their base, the Warden faces another group of defectors but just in time, Apollyon sweeps in and comes to the Warden's aid. After she kills enough men to send the traitors running, the defectors find the exit guarded by more Blackstone Legion warriors. Apollyon and the Warden then eliminate the remaining defectors while the Legion prevents them from fleeing. In the battle, Apollyon takes a sword hit to the back and a dagger to the side but remains fighting nonetheless, even saving the life of the Warden. After the fighting is done, the Legion rounds up the remaining defectors. Two of them stand up to Apollyon and attempt to kill her but are swiftly defeated and apprehended. Apollyon then holds a brief speech to the remaining prisoners, reminding them that only sheep wait for their own slaughter. Beheading two of them with one swordstroke, Apollyon then gives the order to have the remaining prisoners slaughtered. The two attackers, however, she welcomes into the Blackstone Legion.

Apollyon then leads the Blackstone Legion against Valkenheim, a stronghold of the vikings. After her second-in-command, Holden Cross, lowers the bridge for the main army, Apollyon strides over the bridge among her forces. As she does not want to leave a force behind at Valkenheim to guard the prisoners, Apollyon orders them all executed. The Legion continues their march north and eventually reaches another viking fortress. To avoid an open attack, Apollyon sends one of her own, the viking peacekeeper known as Mercy, to clear the path. Mercy indeed manages to sabotage the fortress' elevator mechanics and takes out the vikings in her way. Afterwards, she returns to the Legion and reports to Apollyon that the mission was a success.

With the fortresses in their way eliminated, Apollyon leads the Blackstone Legion against the viking's main stronghold of Svengard. By attacking Svengard, where the true warriors of the vikings live, Apollyon hopes to rattle the vikings from their peaceful living and return them to their life of war. During the battle, the Warden fights Gudmundr, the chieftain of the vikings, and ends up falling to the ground and becoming unconscious. He is awoken by Apollyon who merely tells him to get back onto his feet.

The Warden later learns from Mercy that Apollyon chose to attack Svengard because that was the place where the vikings stored their seed grain. With no new harvest, Apollyon expects that famine and hunger will lead the vikings to fight and kill each other over the little food remaining. The brutality and extreme methods of Apollyon cause the Warden to forsake the Blackstone Legion.

After the batte is won, Cross asks Apollyon why they will not burn all the food. Apollyon explains that burning all the food would cause the viking clains to unite, but leaving scraps enough for just two or three clans would ensure that fighting broke out amidst the vikings. Their plan a success, Apollyon then tells the Legion that they will march home. Returning to Ashfeld, Apollyon and the Blackstone Legion continue to rule their land and are forced to put down several rebellions.

Manipulating the Samurai

Seijuro: Who do you think you are?!
Apollyon: War... I am war.
~ Apollyon to Seijuro.

Indeed, fighting breaks out between the vikings and after taking out an especially vicious viking clan, another viking clan decides to celebrate their newly-found passion for war by raiding the samurai cities which have grown weak over the years. During the raid, the vikings are unaware that they are followed by the Blackstone Legion. Apollyon witnesses the vikings plundering a samurai fortress, revealing that the vikings have indeed found their way of war again. Fueled by their victory, the vikings attack the great samurai city, eventually breaching its walls two years later.

Although the samurai are about to fall and are severely outnumbered, Apollyon is aware of a samurai warrior, called Orochi, who alone is able to turn the odds against the vikings. However, that warrior is currently imprisoned in the samurai city. As Apollyon is aware that that warrior will be released, she expects the Orochi to turn the tides of war, which would lead to an equal and balanced war of all factions exactly like Apollyon's vision.

While the samurai manage to fight back the vikings, Apollyon masses the Blackstone cavalry. After having successfully driven off the vikings, the samurai attempt to bar the gates but are overrun when the Blackstones ride straightly into the city, led by Apollyon. Apollyon gives her legion the order to ride for the palace. The Blackstones successfully invade and conquer the palace and capture the samurai leaders. After disposing of the Emperor, Apollyon has the remaining five leaders brought before her. She tells the first of them that he will take the emperor's place as leader of the samurai but when the Daimyo refuses, Apollyon executes him as well. She then gives command of the palace to the only of the leaders who shows defiance. The other leaders, she releases deep in the mire, hoping that the leaders would fight each other to claim the Emperor's power and that the fighting would lead to a civil war between the samurai.

However, the samurai unite rather quickly under the sole remaining Daimyo, Ayu, and in contrast to the years Apollyon had expected the civil war to last, it lasts mere days. This allows the samurai to unite against the common foe, the vikings which had not yet had the time to flee the Myre with their bounties, and to drive them back. This marks the first failure in Apollyon's plan.

War in Ashfeld

All the lands are awash with Viking looters. Our own Legions war against one another. And now, the Emperor's Champion knocks at my door with an army. This will be a day for wolves.
~ Apollyon

Furthermore, the united samurai travel to Ashfeld to take down Apollyon. They find that Ashfeld has changed and that Apollyon is as generous to her subjects as to her enemies. In addition, the Warden and Holden Cross lead an army of Blackstone defectors, substantially decreasing Apollyon's forces.

Eventually, the samurai start attacking Apollyon's fortress and successfully breath the gates. While Apollyon and her men fend off the samurai who have managed to enter the fortress, Apollyon is informed that the defectors are marching on the fortress as well. Apollyon heads to the walls where she sees the Legion arriving and using catapults against the fortress. Witnessing this, Apollyon orders her men to hold off the samurai, claiming that she will deal with the Legion herself.

During the battle, Orochi confronted Apollyon inside the fortress tower. When Orochi arrived, he witnessed Apollyon slaying six knights of the enemy Legion in combat. Seeing the Orochi enter the room, Apollyon remarks that the Dawn Empire has finally arrived. She then attacks the Orochi, resulting in a fierce battle. Orochi is able to beat down the Orochi but flees when the entire tower starts crumbling due to the heavy fire of the catapults. She then found a barred door cut her off by some stairs where she fought the Orochi again but was beaten back and cornered at a balcony. She then basically lamented how death is inevitable but that a true warrior is someone who does not cower in the face of death but faces it head-on before engaging the Orochi one final time. Although she is very quickly defeated, the Orochi withheld from slaying Apollyon, stating that there will be peace now and that her death would be meaningless. Apollyon laughs at that, claiming that both Legion and Samurai came into their home with armies and sarcastically asks the Orochi how he expects this to result in peace. Indeed, as the battle against the Blackstone Legion is done, the samurai and the Iron Legion start going up against each other and with the arrival of viking raiders, all factions are at war with each other once again. Orochi and the severely wounded Apollyon witnessed this from the tower with Apollyon even throwing her sword into the mix.

After seeing the chaos underneath them, Orochi confronted Apollyon with the fact that she only wants war. Apollyon replies that she only wants the factions to admit their true nature. Regarding the factions as her "wolves", Apollyon then falls over and dies of her wounds.


All I want is for you... to admit. What you are. All of you. My... wolves.
~ Apollyon's last words before dying from her wounds.

However, Apollyon died victorious as she managed to create a continuous war between the factions. The war between the factions would go on for seven years until the leaders would finally come to an agreement of peace continuing in the multiplayer. Ironically, this peace would come from the very same Warden that she spoke to nineteen years before during the invasion of Godmunder's fortress. This however would not last as Astrea, the supposed reincarnation of Apollyon and a former Blackstone, would invade Heathmoor and destroy the Truce of Wyverndale to start the war anew once more, continuing where Apollyon left off and even creating a new faction, The Order of Horkos.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Apollyon has peak human strength that is borderline superhuman. She could easily swing around a massive broardsword like it was nothing, send her sword right through a night's torso with a single thrust and then throwing him over her head, kill a knight with a single strike of her sword's pommel to his head and beheaded two more with a single swing.
  • Endurance: When the player first meets Apollyon, she was slashed down the back and stabbed in the stomach with a dagger but kept on fighting and was seemingly completely unfazed.
    • Durability: Apollyon seems to have some degree of pain resistance since she ripped said dagger out of her stomach and unleashed little more than a soft grunt.
  • Strategy: Apollyon was a master at strategy and conquest, defeating entire fortresses and veteran leaders just with simple logic and strategy.
  • Swordsmanship: Apollyon was an incredible swords-mistress, taking on six knights and killing them all of them all by herself. Even a Peacekeeper, who wields both a long sword and a dagger, was no match for her although that was the one to stab her with a dagger.
  • Excellent hand-to-hand combatant: Apollyon was able to overwhelm both of the defectors who tried to kill her with just her bare hands despite both being armed.
  • Manipulation: She managed to cause a unending war between all three (four if you count the newly added Wu Lin) factions, her manipulation is so strong that her influence created a cult in The Order of Horkos, who continued the war even after her death.


  • Broadsword: Apollyon wielded a gigantic broardsword as her weapon of choice.


Finally. The Dawn Empire has arrived.
~ Apollyon when she was confronted by the Orochi.
Death waits for us all. A true warrior is someone who does not let that stop them from doing what must be done. Come.
~ Apollyon upon being cornered for her final battle.
Ha! Peace? Ha ha ha. So.... what happens now? You all just... go home? You came into my home. And you brought your armies. Ha ha. What did you think would happen? Peace? That isn't how the world works.
~ Apollyon after the Orochi states that there would now be peace after defeating her.
Don't speak to me of your virtues. Duty. Kinship. Honor. You've forgotten what you are.
~ Apollyon revealing her distaste for virtues.


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