Apollyon is the main antagonist of The Pilgrim's Progress  and the 2019 movie of the same name.


In the town, Not Cursed, The Supervisor lost two of the slaves, so he went to the caste to meet his master Apollyon. Apollyon punished the Supervisor for failing him. Apollyon will be the one who will find the slave, Christian Pilgrim himself. When Pilgrim wears his armor and he fell in the Valley of Humiliation, he met Apollyon who appeared as a human, then Apollyon transformed into his demon form and will fight Pilgrim. Pilgrim has the confidence and he is able to defeat Apollyon and that demon flew away.


Apollyon appeared as a demon of most depictions. He appeared to have horns, bat wings and red skin, but the Bible did not state the appearance of an actual demon. Apollyon also appeared as a human form. Like the Supervisor, he also wears a black robe and his hair also goes backward.


Apollyon hates people and he does not want them to go to the Celestial City, so he tricked many people by tempting them to do what is wrong in order for them not to go to the Celestial City. Like many villain chiefs, Apollyon often treats his minions badly when thay fail, because he has very short temper. He treats the Supervisor of Not Cursed badly for the his failure.


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