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We welcome you, Flare Trooper, Dumjid. Our master will surely be pleased. I hear Shiranui has fled. It is of no importance. The selection has already been completed. The trump cards are all in our hand... Let us respectfully welcome him! Our master, the one who destroys all! Dragon Deity of Destruction, Gyze will descend upon this land! And the world shall fall silent as it perishes before our God!
~ Gastille

The Apostles are the main antagonists of Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Z. They aided Gyze in the war against Harmonics Messiah ages ago, and now seek to revive their master using the six Zeroth Dragons left behind by him.


Long ago, the two deities of Cray, Harmonics Messiah and Gyze waged war on each other. The Apostles were the army fighting for Gyze. At first the clans of Cray united against Gyze, but Valeos, the then leader of Aqua Force, was seduced by Gyze's immense power, and betrayed Harmonics Messiah, banding Cray's entire navy against Harmonics. In the end, Gyze was slain, and as punishment, the entirety of Aqua Force was sealed by Harmonics Messiah, and became nothing more than a legend.

Much later, after the War of Invasion against Link Joker ended, peace had returned to Cray. But secretly, a brand new cult of Apostles was beginning to form, led by Gastille, the Evil God Bishop. Gastille recruited many members throughout Cray that were interested in reviving Gyze and destroying Cray, including the former Aqua Force Marshal, Valeos, and the Star-Vader commander, Chaos Breaker.


  • Gastille - Dark Irregulars Demon Lord. Leader and possible founder of the new age Apostles.
  • Dumjid - Kagero Soldier. Joined in order to sever the connection between Earth and Cray in order to avoid more wars.
  • Gredora - Megacolony Queen. Joined in order to allow her children to prosper in a world where her clan is rewarded by Gyze.
  • Darkface - Gredora's son and loyal subject. Joined at his highness's command and took her place after Gredora was defeated.
  • Valeos - Aqua Force Marshal. Went to war against Gyze ages ago, but later joined him. Possibly the only survivor of the original Apostles.
  • Chaos Breaker Dragon - Link Joker Commander. Wants to destroy Cray as revenge for his now eradicated Star-Vaders. Sacrificed himself to revive Gyze.

Unofficial Members

  • Shiranui - Diffrode Kazumi Onimaru by the Apostles' orders, but was defeated and abandoned Gastille's ideals. Replaced by Dumjid.
  • Claret Sword Dragon - Attempted to Diffride Yuichirou Kanzaki, but failed. Replaced by Gyze himself.


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