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Apothecary Gary is a sentient talking mushroom and the main antagonist in the Amphibia episode "Children of the Spore".

He is voiced by Tony Hale, who also played Doctor Psycho in Harley Quinn and James Suggs in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip.


He first appeared as a hooded frog when Hop Pop was shopping for glue to fix his model ship after it got broken by Anne, Sprig, and Polly. Gary offers Hop Pop a potion that will make the kids behave. Hop Pop is skeptical about the potion, but before he can say anymore Gary mysteriously disappears. After putting the potion on the kids they start to behave giving Hop Pop time to work on his model ship but the effects of the potion soon wear off and they start to misbehave again.

Hop Pop then decides to use the potion on them again but it turns them into zombies with mushrooms on their heads. They capture Hop Pop and take him to Gary who reveals himself to be a sentient talking mushroom controlling the body of a frog. He explains that the potion has his spores in it and with that he has turned all of Wartwood into his army of zombies which Gary will use to conquer Amphibia.  Hop Pop runs to the barn and throws his model ship at Bessie's stable which lets her out and eats Gary. This turns everyone back to normal including Gary's host Lloyd. However, after Hop Pop and the kids leave some of Gary's potion falls on Jeremey the beetle which grows a new mushroom which puts Jeremey under its control.

His debut episode was mentioned in "Shut In!" as one of the three scary stories Polly wanted to tell.



  • The ending of the episode hints Gary might come back.
  • His debut episode's title is a reference to the horror movies Children of the Corn from 1984 and Children of the Damned from 1964, a sequel to Village of the Damned. Both films center around hive-mind possessed children terrorizing a rural setting.


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