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The Apothicons are the main antagonists of the Call of Duty Zombies storyline. They are ancient evil tentacle beings trying to destroy the universe and timelines using Element 115. They were responsible of sending Element 115 to various dimensions, and creating the MPD, turning human corpses into zombies. 


The Apothicons were once a group of Keepers, creating the Summoning Key and trying to bring balance and protect the universe. When they found the dimension of the Dark Aether, the energy corrupted them into corrupted Keepers. The Dark Aether made them betray their own species, forcing the other Keepers to fight against their brethren. After the war between the two Keepers, the corrupted Keepers were defeated and were banished into the Dark Aether. After some time in there, they were turned into tentacle like creatures, known as the Apothicons. Soon after they began creating and planting Element 115 in various dimensions, including the original timeline and Dimension 63.


During the Middle Ages, the Apothicons somehow escaped the Aether and invaded Earth. But they were fended off by the Keepers. With the help of humans' bravery, they were defeated again and sealed back to their homeland. Sometime later, one Apothicon called "the Shadowman " managed to escape their realm and managed to trick the four criminals in Shadows of Evil by cursing them and releasing the Apothicons to their world using the Summoning Key. But the four criminals managed to fight back with the help of Keepers and sealed them into the Summoning Key.

In Revelations, the Shadowman managed to trick Maxis to "fix his world," and was released from the Summoning Key and released his homeland to the Earth, creating havoc across some dimensions. But when Primis was summoned by Dr. Monty to defeat them, they were successfully defeated by Primis. But then Maxis sacrifices his soul in the Summoning Key, trapping all of the Apothicons and the Dark Aether inside the Summoning Key. Monty states that they are gone forever.


  • Apothicons are the main antagonists of the Call of Duty Zombies series, causing Richtofen to go insane due to Element 115 and made what the plot what it is now.
  • It is unknown who made the Dark Aether and how it was made.
  • Due to Element 115, they made the Ray Gun and the other wonder weapons.

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