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Aqua Shuzen  is a villain in the manga version of Rosario+Vampire and is one of the four Shuzen sisters.

Having lost her mother at a young age, she moved in with Gyokuro and Issa Shuzen. She is especially close to her younger sister, Moka and seems to be infatuated with her, though it may be just an extreme affection.



Although she is brutally strong, Akua seems to care for all of her sisters, Moka Akashiya in particular. She goes as far as to express lesbian feelings for her younger Sister. She has shown a reluctance in fighting, stating that she did not really want to kill Akasha in front of Moka, saying that by doing so, it would sadden her.

She has a very dark and violent side, and will annihilate anyone who gets in her way. She goes as far as to threaten the lives of Tsukune and his friends, if Moka didn't get on Fairy Tale's ship. While she is truly kind towards Moka, she is not afraid to harm those around her, including her mother, friends, and the person she believes to be Moka's "partner in marriage", claiming herself the only one Moka truly has, and states in return that Moka's all she herself has.

Before she started fight she thought that Moka was going to marry Tsukune, a fact which quickly pushed her "berserk button". When she fought Tsukune in a one-on-one fight. he saw into Akua's heart; deep inside, she's a little girl crying for love.

It was revealed that in China she lives in a human society with her 'sister' Jasmine. They hid their identities of being vampires but the humans suspected Jasmine as a vampire then tortured her and 'skewered' her. Jasmine look very much like Moka, probably the reason that Akua truly loves Moka.


Aqua appears as a black-haired girl, with small pigtails on either side of her head. She is small in stature, and according to Touhou Fuhai, she has not grown since she was a child.

Her outfit as the Miao assassin was a long,black cloak that partially covers her face (her favourite, as she states when it is ripped to shreds by the former Miao assassin), along with black combat boots. When appears in Moka's flashback, she is dressed in traditional Chinese dress, a long blue dress with flowers up the side.


  • It's revealed that Akua is a direct descendant of Alucard and like him, wants to destroy the human race.
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