Water Shogun Aqual is a member of the Three Shoguns and the secondary antagonist of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X.


Aqual arrived on Earth with the rest of the Descal Fleet. She and the other Shoguns were ordered by Captain Barder to collect the Cosmo Capsules to prevent Sazer-X from getting them first.

Later, when lightning struck the ship and caused Barder to short circuit, Aqual and Cyclead pondered what to do. Blaird began to become doubtful of the mission, which would eventually lead to her casting him out.

Barder's ship was eventually destroyed by Sazer-X, but Aqual and the Shoguns were teleported away by Neo Descal before they could be consumed by the explosion. In order to prevent any alterations to the timeline, the leaders of Neo Descal opted to keep the Shoguns alive. However, this did not stop them from bullying the Shoguns and treating them poorly, eventually leading to them turning on them.

After King Neo Descal arrived from the future, Aqual defected over to the heroes side, soon being joined by Cyclead after he was freed from Neo Descal's brainwashing.

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