The era of the land-dweller is at an end, hero. Your metal skull will decorate my great hall
~ Aquaman

Aquaman in the Flashpoint universe was taken to live with the Atlanteans years before, where he did not learn compassion. He also served as a major antagonist in the 2013 film, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.


He had fallen in love with Princess Diana after saving her from a sea creature and was ready to marry her when Diana's mother was killed on their wedding day.

He later married Mera instead and after her death at the hands of the Amazons. He along with his Atlanteans wage war against the Amazons and have caused havoc in Western Europe. He also captured Captain Atom to power a doomsday device capable of sinking entire continents.

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are both approached by the Flash and the heroes who are here to stop the war. Aquaman is struggled by Kal-El, who intends to attack him at the last battle.

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