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The Aqueos are Atlanteans who have been converted to Vampires, they were thought to be extinct but have recently resurfaced. They have all the abilities and weaknesses of the surface living vampire. They can convert Atlanteans and humans into vampire much like their surface cousins. They have the advantage over the surface dwellers as sun-light can not reach the deepest depths of the ocean.

They came out of hiding as there is no longer safety beneath the ocean as the humans, fish, explore and drill for oil. Long ago they agreed to a truce, the Shallow Peace, between themselves and the Atlanteans. The Aqueos attended the vampire gathering, which takes place once every century. They helped Xarus assassinate his father, Dracula. They allied themselves with the surface vampires and helped in the attack of Utopia, by attacking New Atlantis which supports the island. The Atlanteans try to defend their home, but even their elite team the Tridents were unsuccessful. Many of the members such as Husni and Husam were converted and joined the invasion.


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