Ara Tanzerian was a terrorist from Marvel comics and an enemy of Iron Man.


the famous scientist Ho Yinsen took on a military contract to develop his weapons. He was eventually imprisoned in an Afghani prison camp, where he ended up implanting a control device in the brain of inventor Anthony Stark, who would eventually become Iron Man. Eventually, the men who had had this control device implanted, Dennis Kellard, Ara Tanzerian, Zakim Karzai, Aftaab Lemar, and Karim Mahwash Najeeb, ordered Yinsen to be killed. They then hired Andrei Gorlovich to find the sending unit that would allow them to control Stark, which Yinsen had hid in his home. Gorlovich snuck into the house and murdered Mrs. Yinsen, not knowing that her young son was watching from the shadows. Years later, Yinsen's son obtained the sending unit and planned to force Iron Man to murder each of the men who had caused Ho's death.

Tanzerian acted for years as the Afghani deputy security chief.

Tanzerian was prosecuted in a war-crimes trial by the United Nations, at which Dennis Kellard was the star witness. Eventually, under the alias Señor Sanchez, he established a base in Cali, Colombia.

While drinking and hot-tubbing with two women, Tanzerian became aware that his guards weren't responding. He investigated, finding one of them dead, just before he was murdered and crucified by Iron Man, who was being controlled by the son of Ho Yinsen.


Tanzerian was a trained terrorist and security chief with access to artillery and military forces.

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