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The Arachnoqueen is a character and antagonist from Wander Over Yonder. She is the love interest and queen of Arachnomorphs.


After have discovered Captain Tim had disappeared, Lord Hater tries desperately to find it using his Watchdogs Army and hanging Missing Tim. After had failed he hires Ripov, a bounty hunter, to find his missing pet without known she's obsessed with hunt Arachnomorphs.

It is results it is Arachnomorphs's mating season and the Arachnoqueen had made a call sound to call all Arachnomorphs's males in galaxy who made shaped parachutes spider web to fly until her planet. When Hater and Ripov arrive to Arachnomorph's planet and evade vicious arachnids they finally find Captain Tim. It is when Hater discover Ripov's true intentions and fight with her in order to protect his pet but, during the fight, both falls down a ravine to the Arachnoqueen's spider web.

Thereupon, Commander Peepers join in scene destroying a cavernous wall with a pierce vehicle and tried to save his leader but is achieved by the Arachnoqueen's cloth and is put in her spider web. Then, Wander, who has readed Hater's Missing Tim, also joins in scene to help his enemie but also ends put in Arachnomorph's spider web. After, Sylvia joins in scene trying to warm Wander about dangerous was Tim but also ends put in Arachnomorph's spider web. Finally, a Watchdog named as Hater's pet also joins in scene only for ends like the rest of Arachnoqueen's victims.

The Arachnoqueen is about to eat her new dams when Captain Tim arrives. Seeming that he is interested in his queen both are about to kiss each other when Captain Tim ties her into his cloth and releases her dams melting the spider web with him spits acid.



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