Hendrik ssscared me, but he did not kill me... The was the only way to regain my ssstrength...Ssso I have Vince to bring me...the choicessst morssels.
~ Arachtagon explaining his plot to the Luminary.

Arachtagon is a minor antagonist in Dragon Quest XI.


A long time ago, Arachtagon battled Hendrik, but ended up getting defeated and lost one of his eyes. However, he survived and went to hide in a cave under Octagonia. The giant spider has a desire to regain his strength, so he manipulated Vince, the owner of an orphanage home to help him kidnap warriors to him so the spider can suck their extract. In returns, Arachtagon share the extract with Vince, which allowed him to win at every arena battle. Thus letting him to have enough money to run his orphanage home. When the Luminary arrived Octagonia and won a few arena battle, they find out that Jade, one of the gladiator is missing. They eventually find out they cave where Arachtagon is located and find out that Vince has kidnapped Jade to give her to Arachtagon. However, Jade pretends to be kidnapped and exposed their plans to the Luminary, Vince wanted to kill them to silence them, but fainted since the extract damaged his body. Arachtagon than decided to kill the party himself, but is ended up getting killed.

After Calasmos's returns, the Dark One bring back Arachtagon to life, this time he manipulated Vince's opponents and give them the power of Calasmos, but they are all knocked out by the Luminary. Arachtagon than once again tried to kill the Luminary. But he is still destroyed in the end even with his new found power.


Arachtagon is a giant red, green spider with a scar on one of his eyes. When strengthed by Calasmos, his eye glow green.



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