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Aragami, violent by nature, are monsters that only crave to consume and are the main antagonists and enemies of the video game franchise God Eater.  While they appear to one entity individually, they are actually made up tons of semi-sentient, single-celled organisms called Oracle Cells that group around under a cell core (Aragami Core) that acts as a command center. Translation, they are a superorganism with swarm intelligence that takes on a diverse of formations. These forms can appear as organic, artificial, even mythical.

Through consumption of their surroundings they can adapt and evolve to fit in. For example, those in a hot location make take on "Blaze" traits, or those in a cold location will take on "Freeze" traits. When this happens, it creates a Fallen species.
The only way to truly kill an Aragami is to remove the Aragami Core by using the only weapons able of doing so, God Arcs. Extracting the Core makes the Oracle Cells lose their cohesion and dissolve into nothingness. Their desire to consume any sort or matter is controlled by the Bias Factor. Scientists from Fenrir work day and night to perfect the armor wall's shielding against Aragami attacks. Aragami will refrain from eating anything that is highly similar to its own being, unless they are extremely desperate, rogue or unstable. In the games it is thought that Aragami are starting to evolve in new ways and some starting to resemble humans. It is also thought that some Aragami are able to use photosynthesis, which is why the planet has maintained the air.

Fallen species

Fallen species are Aragami that diverge from their normal versions, consisting of palette-swapped Aragami, almost always depicted wielding different elements than their "original" counterparts, and they more often than not have different breakable parts and/or defense values. Many Aragami have some fallen species, whereas others do have alternate versions, but not named "fallen"


Deusphages are a type of variation that some Aragami subspecies present to their original species, just like Fallen species. Most of the Deusphage species either use the Divine element or are weak to it (or both at the same time), and all of them are named after gods of either Greek or Japanese mythologies. Deusphage species are divided into two types, named Type 1 and Type 2: Type 1 Deusphages are named after Japanese gods, while Type 2 Deusphages are named after Greek gods.


Psions are a new category of Aragami first introduced in God Eater 2. Heavily modified versions of existing Aragami species, they emit unusually powerful bias fields that influence nearby Oracle Cells, thus exerting control over other Aragami. As God Arcs are themselves Aragami of a sort, they cease functioning in the presence of a psion, leaving most God Eaters helpless against them. Only the third-generation God Arcs used by Blood are unaffected by this. However, by awakening Blood Arts any God Eater can gain the ability to fight back against these creatures. It is ultimately revealed that psions are the result of regular Aragami undergoing a mutation after coming into contact with the Red Rain.

Arc Aberrants

Arc Aberrants are a new type of Aragami introduced in God Eater 2 Rage Burst. They are aragami that appear to have been fused with God Arcs which they use to perform special attacks. Most of these Aragami are said to have been created by Dr. Rachel Claudius's will.

Wild God Arc Soldiers

God Arc Soldiers were first introduced in God Eater 2. While not Aragami at first, many of the un-recovered Arc Soldiers have turned into proper Aragami thanks to exposure to the Red Rain.

Species of Aragami

Small Aragami

Medium Aragami

Large Aragami


Type 1
Type 2

Wild God Arc Soldiers


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