Arakune (aka SP) is one of the villains in the 2011 anime television series, Sacred Seven.


She is very lazy, often she complains about work when she just does nothing but sit around eating and drinking some nonalcoholic drink.


She is an attractive young girl of average size. She has long brown hair, wears a tanktop, a hoody and a coat with short denim pants that reveal her legs up to her upper thighs revealing a small portion of her bottom.


As kenmi's SP, she has access to a sacred seven suit named arachne. In her suit form, she is proficient in its use


despite only showing two abilities. she was able to fight on par with knight

She is seen to have used the following sacred seven ability

firing- through the use of a special gun, she can fire from it. the gun it self can fire special kinds of bullets. so far, only 3 kinds of ammo were shown

ice shot- it appears as a regular shot, but when it makes contact, it basically explodes to cover her opponent with some sort of substance that freezes the water around them making it so they are frozen to the floor

net shot- designed to capture her opponents, it basicaly expands into some sort of energy net after a set distance. they can be destroyed

regular shot- its a simple yet powerful kind of shot. its her basic form of attack

high speed- she is noticably one of the fastest characters.

it is an artifical sacred seven suit. it is unknown how they were able to make a suit for a normal person

she has a slight if not high resistance to pain as when shown when she faught knight, at the end of the fight, he managed to stab her through the arm with a sword and ran off leaving said sword in her arm where she then took said sword out with out flinching and threw it to the ground where it turned into a darkstone serpent and she shot it several times.


kenmi- as her employer she is obliged to follow all his orders, even if she doesn't feel like working

Revealed in the movie that Kenmi actually is below her on the power ladder. She was sent by some unknown entity to observe him, and only works as his SP because she's bored. She doen't have to obey anything he says, and Kenmi is in fact quite wary of her.

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