Your wimpy little punches won't even faze me.
~ Aran taunting Little Mac in Super Punch-Out!
Ya probably have cheeseburgers in those gloves, have ye Mac?
~ Aran taunting Little Mac after knocking him down (possibly his most infamous taunt)

Aran Ryan is a character and opponent in the videogames Super Punch Out and Punch Out! (Wii). He is a boxer from Dublin, Ireland, who is ranked in the third circuit (later changed to the fourth circuit in the Wii game), and one of the many characters Little Mac must face in order to ascend to the top of the World Circuit. Although mostly neutral in Super Punch-Out, in the Wii game, he becomes an unstable, aggressive and rigorous cheater who will resort to any means to defend his title. Although most of the boxers in the series use outlandish powers that would not be allowed in real-world boxing Aran Ryan is shown to be a prolific cheater even by the game's standards and is also fairly malicious, especially in his second fight.

Aran Ryan is also cemented as a "heel" (sports-based villain) due to the crowds turning on him and throwing bottles and food at him, to which he threatens them with physical violence due to his hot-temper.



  • Aran Ryan is the only opponent in Wii's Punch-Out! that cheats, the one who breaks the 4th wall. If Aran Ryan defeats Little Mac during the Major Circuit, he celebrates his victory, by shacking the ropes while acting crazy, grabs the camera, and headbutts it, breaking the lens.
  • He is a rare example of a villain who was not evil (in any ways) in the original incarnation (which is Super Punch-Out! for SNES) but became a villain in another incarnation (which is Wii's Punch-Out!).
  • He, debatably, is the only boxer in Punch-Out! to cross the MEH due to the fact he brought a weapon in a boxing match.
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