You opressed all of Repugia, you've imprisoned children from our world...AND YOU KIDNAPPED LUCY!
~ The children telling Araxia why she is the bad guy
Oh yeah, welll there's that stuff...but my high candy taxes are being used for good things! Like bringing CADAVEROUS BIG BONES back to full health!
~ Araxia's reply
Araxia is the main antagonist of the "Grubbins on Ice"-DLC of Costume Quest. She is a female Crestwailer and the leader of Repugia.

In the game

Araxia ist first seen in Repugia punishing a guard for not laughing at her joke. When Wren, Reynold and Everett arrive to save Lucy Araxia orders her guards to capture them and to bring them to Big Bones while she brings Lucy straight to the Candy Cage. The guards fail and the children are free to roam Repugia. They quickly join the rebellion to free Repugia of Araxias influence.

When the children arrive at the Candy Cage they see Araxia's minions run away terrified. One of them tells the children that Araxia has brought back Big Bones before he also flees. The children go further and find some of Araxia's minion feeding candy to Big Bones. Araxia appears and gets confronted by the kids. Araxia tells them that she will use Big Bones to crush the candy out of all worlds and she and Big Bones attack. In the fight Araxia sometimes flys.


In the battle Araxia should be the main focus. She only takes damage while she is at the ground. If she flies she just gets dodged back. Attacks aimed at her while she flies throw her back towards Big Bones. If hovers just over Big Bones she gets hit by a ball of candy aimed for Big Bone's mouth and falls anto his face. If this happens three times Big Bones gets angry and throws Araxa into a pool of acid which kills her.


  • The children think of Araxia as "the baddest of all bad guys that have ever existed"
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