Arbalester is the titular main antagonist and final boss of arcade game with the same name released by SETA in 1989, licensed by Taito and Romstar. It is futuristic command supercomputer and reason an invasion from the future happened.


While on a test flight with the new Shinden fighter, a storm unlike any other appears over the islands where base protagonist is located. Pilot fly back towards the islands to check the situation, but everyone starts shooting at him. One city on the edge of the islands is linked to the hero. It seems some of allies have not been affected. and there are a few carriers along the islands to.

The storm is thought to be a time portal as futuristic jets and planes appeared during the disturbance. Pilot allies have discovered that the key to everything is the command computer, being called the Arbalester. It has a device that keeps the future craft in the past. Destroy the super time tank and everything from the future will be ripped back to its correct time period.


Arbalester, like other main enemy weapon, full of surprises (missile launcher, spread canons (bullers everywhere almost) own canons) actually Arbalester have own main base with all weapons, where he comes. He also has two forms.

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