Arbatel Pilots, also called Arbatel Crew, are minor antagonists in the Date A Live franchise. They appear as minor antagonists in the Light Novel Volumes 5 & 6 and in the second season of the anime, Date A Live II. They were the pilots of the aircraft Arbatel of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, that was in battle against Fraxinus of Ratatoskr organization above Arubi Island.


The pilots were chosen by Isaac Ray Peram Westcott to participate in the mission to capture the Spirit Tohka under the orders of Ellen Mira Mathers on the Arubi Island.

They were soldiers who were also under orders from James A. Paddington and began the first battle between the DEM Industries and the Ratatoskr in history. They showed to be able to start the first battle of spacecraft and also showed enough to withstand firepower of Fraxinus. 

After almost 1 hour of battle, the Arbatel was seriously damaged by the Realizer mine from the Fraxinus, in a last attempt to capture Tohka Yatogami, they released countless numbers of Bandersnatchs to capture Tohka and Yamai Sisters, however, they were killed and Arbatel was destroyed by Yamai. After the destruction of Arbatel, all pilots were found dead by Ratatoskr force, with the exception of James who was alive.



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