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Arboreal Dinosaurs (also known as Tree-Creepers) are tree-climbing dromaeosaurs from Primeval. They are seen in 4.3 and 5.5 of Primeval.


In Episode 4.3, two of them emerged through an anomaly from the Cretaceous to the present. Later, Matt tried to find Emily in the Cretaceous and an Arboreal Dinosaur spies them. It attacks Emily by wrapping its tail around her neck, but only to get stabbed and release her. Later, it came back to attack. Matt uses his knife to fend off the violent dinosaur. The team in the present reopen anomaly and Matt gets him and Emily back to the present where the Arboreal Raptor follows them. The Arboreal Dinosaur jumps in and attacks, but it was shot by Becker and Abby with their EMDs, forcing it to fall back into the anomaly. However, the other two remain in the present. As Patrick, Danny's evil brother, watches an ARC soldier entering the stadium, an Arboreal Dinosaur wraps its tail around his neck and kills him (either strangling him with its tail or mauling him). The raptor begins to feast on him. Later, Abby and Becker were send to find it. When the raptor appears behind Becker to attack, it heard its companion roaring, forcing it to leave. After a while, the raptor came back, but only for Abbey to knock into the stadium floor. It recovered, but Becker killed it with two shots on the head. The last remaining one attacked Matt and Emily from building to building. They two both wrap its neck with wires, but it later broke free. It tried to attack them, but it ended up falling off the building. It screeches in horror as it dies from its fall.

In Episode 5.5, James Lester goes to the parking lot where he finds an Arboreal Dinosaur trying to scratch his new car. James asked it how much that thing costs. The Arboreal Dinosaur did not understand what he said and proceeds to attack him. James quickly uses his EMD and shoots the creature. He then shot it one more time until the raptor flipped over his car. It is unknown if the creature survived the shots. However, it is likely since the previous raptor in Episode 4.3 was shot in the lower setting by Becker and Abbey, while James probably shot the other one in the medium setting. It is unlikely to be returned to the anomaly as James wouldn't do that in his "best shirt". It is presumed that the Arboreal Raptor was send to the Menagerie of the ARC or was sent to the Creature Prison as it is now under the ARC's control.


  • It is unknown what species this creature is. Microraptor and Sinornithosaurus are known to be small Arboreal Creatures in the Cretaceous of China. Although this Arboreal Raptor is almost about the size of a full grown man.
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