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Arcadius, better known as Cade and The Devil, was a recurring antagonist in the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries.


He was the world's first psychic who came to be known as the Devil and creator of Hell. Sybil reveals to Stefan what Arcadius wishes for her to do.  Through her flashbacks, Sybil informs Stefan that Cade was the world's first psychic. He was a kind man who used his powers to help his fellow villagers until one turned on him in fear, and rallied the village against him to burn him at the stake. In his dying moments, his anger at their betrayal caused him to unleash a psychic blast that created a new dimension that Cade's spirit controlled, a place that would be called Hell, where Cade punished the souls of the people who betrayed him as well as the souls of wicked people for eternity. Elsewhere as a bedtime story to Lizzie Saltzman and Josie Saltzman, Selinetells them the story of Arcadius. He also called Georgie's soul to hell when she was killed by Seline

Cade is summoned by Seline to bargain for her and Sybil's freedom. Sybil offers Cade the Salvatore brothers as the willing replacements for the Sirens as they are powerful vampires with bloody histories. Damon masterminded the deal and convinced Stefan to accept in order to spare Caroline and Alaric's twin girls. Sybil reveals she secretly altered the deal so Cade allowed her to still be an immortal Siren, but is no longer bound for Hell, while Seline must still go to Hell as revenge for leaving Sybil in the Vault centuries ago. Cade accepted Sybil's deal, and granted Stefan a day left of freedom before his deal activates. Sybil and Seline sit in a diner arguing and trying to make amends later Cade walks inside and expresses his disappointment over their constant bickering. Shocked to see him, Cade reveals that the bell was rang enough to give him an appearance on earth. The Sirens convince Cade they could manage to work together, but Cade decline their offer and killed both sisters.