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Bellroc: We are the first. We have watched over majicks since the stars were young.
Skrael: But man has destroyed the balance.
Bellroc: Just as they tried to destroy you.
Morgana: But you brought me back. Why?
Skrael: Because you can right what the mortals made wrong.
Bellroc: You come from their world, but fight for ours. You will be the Eldritch Queen, Mother of Monsters. You will be the instrument of our reckoning.
Morgana: I accept this gift.
~ Bellroc and Skrael getting Morgana to join them.

Nari: Since the beginning, the Order has sought to protect the balance of magic and mortal, no matter the cost, but our actions only brought pain.
Merlin: I've spent a millennium keeping their horrors at bay, but it wasn't enough.
Nari: Bellroc and Skreal believe humanity is lost, beyond correction. Now, they wish to end it all.
~ Nari and Merlin about the Arcane Order.

The Arcane Order are the main antagonistic faction of the Tales of Arcadia franchise, appearing as the overarching antagonistic faction of Trollhunters and 3Below and the main antagonistic faction of both Wizards and Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans. They are also mentioned in Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

They are a cult of dark sorcerers who are led by Bellroc and originally consisted of her, Skrael, and Nari. They are loyal to no one but themselves, corrupting and manipulating their servants to use as their pawns. A couple of them include Morgana and her brother, King Arthur, both of whom they resurrected so they could exploit them for their own uses. The Arcane Order's ultimate goal is to use the Genesis Seals to wipe out the entire universe, and remake the Earth in their own image, thus eradicating all life.



The Arcane Order were the creators of the universe, including the Earth, by using the Titans as their handmaidens. They intended for the Earth to be a paradise for all life to inhabit and were originally dedicated to protect the balance between mankind and magic, but they lost faith in humanity, believing they were "beyond correction." As a result, they decided to make up their own twisted version of the balance through magickind overthrowing humanity, no matter what it cost. Because of it, Merlin kept them at bay for over a thousand years, but that wasn't enough to stop them.


The Arcane Order first make their appearance when they attack Camelot in their search for Nari so they could use her to unlock the Genesis Seals. While they are able to damage the Heart of Avalon and cause Camelot to fall from the sky, Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan, Jim Lake Jr., Claire Nuñez, and Steve Palchuk manage to escape by traveling back in time to Camelot during the 12th century, while Merlin damages their ship with a magic blast.

In the twelveth century, the Arcane Order are shown to have resurrected Morgana from death after her and King Arthur's confrontation just outside of Camelot, and proclaim her as their "champion" even though she was really their pawn, and thus, she joins the Arcane Order. During the Battle of Killahead Bridge, it's also shown that the Arcane Order intervened during said battle due to Bellroc losing her patience, with Bellroc killing King Arthur and attacking Deya the Deliverer. However, the latter slashes out Bellroc's eyes during their confrontation.

Eventually, Nari renounced from the Arcane Order after seeing that the pain she felt during her experiences with Bellroc and Skrael was not worth it, but Bellroc and Skrael do not change their evil ways, and seeing that Morgana has failed them in their plot to bring about their twisted version of the balance, they now sought the Genesis Seals so they and Nari can unlock them and then destroy the universe by unleashing uncontrolled magic upon it, and then remake the Earth in their image. They resurrected King Arthur as the Green Knight to use him as another pawn so he can help them achieve their new goal.

Back in the present, Camelot crashes down onto Arcadia Oaks-High and destroys it, and the Arcane Order take control of Jim in his fully-troll form to take out the Amulet of Daylight which Bellroc and Skrael use in their ritual to free Morgana from the Shadow Realm. They soon go to Merlin's hiding place to search for the Genesis Seals and Nari, and follow Morgana to Hex Tech where they kidnap everyone, minus Krel Tarron.

However, Douxie is able to create a time loop in front of Bellroc and Skrael, and tricks them into entering by tossing the Genesis Seals into it, but Bellroc and Skrael manage to escape with the Genesis Seals. The two then confront Douxie inside their magical flying fortress, with Douxie using his magic to blast them into the air and destroy their fortress as a result.

Since Bellroc and Skrael are still at large and have the Genesis Seals, Douxie decides to leave Arcadia with Nari to a big city to hide her from the both of them. However, Bellroc spots them blending in with the city, which they are unaware of.

Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

The Arcane Order make their first appearance in the film when Douxie and Nari enter a subway and eventually are spotted by the Order. Skrael begins chilling the subway cart containing Douxie and Nari, while Bellroc burns the front portion of the car, leading to Douxie and Nari to try escaping the other way. However, Skrael had already frozen that subway cart, and causes Douxie and Nari to slip before playfully calling Nari and announces that he and Bellroc are bringing her back. Claire then opens a shadow portal and reinforcements arrive on the train. Bellroc duels against Jim, while Skrael duels Douxie and Claire.

Bellroc manages to knock Jim off the train, but luckily for Jim, Claire opened a shadow portal to save him. Stuart then drove his taco truck underneath the train, and fired the Trifurcate blaster to neutralize the Order's magic, however Stuart had to stop his truck due to the construction, and this allowed Bellroc and Skrael to regain their magic. The train then crashes and Bellroc threatens to kill the large crowd of people near the wreckage if they didn't give Nari, and Skrael threatens to kill Douxie's friends. Unknown to the Arcane Order, Douxie and Nari conduct a body swap, so when Bellroc captures "Nari", it is in fact Douxie. After capturing Nari, the Order teleport to their base.

The Order chain Nari and begin the summoning, but it doesn't work, so they realize that "Nari" is actually Douxie. After Douxie taunts them for their mistake, Bellroc uses her magic to undo the body swap and captures Nari. Bellroc then brainwashes Nari, in order to gain her cooperation. When the Defenders of Arcadia find the Order, it is too late, as all three of them begin the chant and the Titans start to rise.

The Fire Titan, which is controlled by Bellroc, rises in the East China Sea, while the Ice Titan, controlled by Skrael, rises in Greenland, and the Earth Titan, controlled by Nari, rises in Brazil. The Guardians of Arcadia learn that the Titans will converge at the Heartstone in Arcadia, in eighteen hours and six minutes. The group learns that by converging at Arcadia, the center of the universe, the Arcane Order will be able to remake the world in their image as three elements without life consisting of fire, ice, and earth, and wipe out all of existence and the rest of the universe.



  • The word "arcane" means "to be understood by few; mysterious or secretive".
  • They are the only demigods to appear in the Tales of Arcadia franchise.


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