"There is no good, no evil, no light! There is only Power!"
~ Archbishop Benedictus to the adventurers

Archbishop Benedictus

Archbishop Benedictus is a secondary antagonist of the online game World of Warcraft.



Once the younger son of a Lordaeron merchant, Benedictus (birthname Jarl), he was raised to join the family business. Eventually, he found religion after meeting an old man on the raod at night. The two were almost killed by mercenaries, but bested the attackers. After recovering, Benedictus joined the Church of the Holy Light, and was trained in its ways by the head of the Church, Archbishop Foal. He was made a priest, and was tasked with leading the Church's people in a small town. Eventually he was sent to the great city of Stormwind itself, where he helped build one of the greatest monuments of the Alliance - the Cathedral of Light. From then on he swore to help clean the world of evil, especially the dreaded Scourge which he despised deeply.

The Cataclysm

Shortly before the great Cataclysm, Benedictus helped defend Stormwind City from Deathwing's elemental soldiers. After the assault ceased, the Cataclysm struck, and the world was torn assunder by Deathwing's rage. Benedictus did not play much of a role in the war, though still sat in the Cathedral of Light to teach others about the Light.

The Twilight Father

Early in the war, the Twilight's Hammer Cult's leader, Cho'gall, was killed in battle, and the cult was without a leader. A mysterious man known only as the Twilight Father stepped up to take Cho'gall's place. The Twilight Father came up with a plan to destroy the Dragon Aspects themselves using a Chromatic Dragon monstrosity called Chromatus, but his plan failed when Chromatus was imprisoned in the Nexus. The Twilight Father met with Deathwing, and removed his disguise, revealing himself as Benedictus! Deathwing teleported Benedictus to Stormwind so that he can continue his work to lead the Twilight's Hammer from within Stormwind itself.

The Hour of Twilight

The former Warchief of the Horde, now leader of the Earthen Ring, Thrall, was in charge of bringing the legendary Dragon Soul to Wyrmrest Temple while the army of the Wyrmrest Accord destracted Deathwing and his forces. After stopping an ambush led by a Twilight's Hammer ascendant and killing an assassin, Thrall and his allies made it to Wyrmrest Temple where they were met by Benedictus. Benedictus ordered Thrall to give him the Dragon Soul, but the orc denied, surprised at the Archbishop's betrayal. Benedictus battled Thrall and his allies, but after a long struggle the Archbishop fell, and the Dragon Soul was returned to Alexstrazsa.


Benedictus is often compared to Lord Voldemort by fans due to his line "There is no good. No evil. No light. There is only power!!!"

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