By my blessing shall all men be sanctified, and an endless era of peace begin. Vice and conflict shall cease to be.
~ Archbishop Thordan VII as King Thordan before battling him.

Archbishop Thordan VII is one of the antagonists of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is the ruler of Ishgard who seeks to become a Primal and end the conflict between Ishgard and the Dravanian Horde with force.

He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji in the Japanese version and Brian Protheroe in the English dub, the latter who also voiced Shadar.


Thordan VII first appears in his throne with the Ascians Elidibus and Lahabrea in his sides.

After the Adventurer defeats two of his Heavens' Ward knights, he summons the Adventurer to meet him. He apologizes for the Heavens' Ward for false accusation and talks about defeating the Ascian threat to the Adventurer. Later, Thordan talks to Zephirin about the coming of their enemies and their Ascian allies helping them. Zephirin asks him about "powers strange and unknowable" and the purposes of his pawns. Soon Zephirin transforms into a Primal knight, foreshadowing their true goals.

After the defeat of Nidhogg, the heretics attack Ishgard. Thordan tells his Heavens' Ward to call on the Temple Knights to defeat them while Lahabrea appears afterwards. When Aymeric, Thordan's illegitimate son, doubts his father on the truth behind Ishgard's founding, Thordan VII explains to him that it was King Thordan and his knights who started killing Ratatoskr. As Aymeric learns about the truth, Thordan tells Zepherin to put Aymeric to jail. The Adventurer raids the Vault with the help of allies and Aymeric is freed. Thordan and his knights escapes to an airship to travel to Azys Lla.


Thordan VII as King Thordan.

Thordan and the Heavens' Ward appears again after the adventurer defeats Bismarck. They obtain the key to Azys Lla to gain access to it. In Azys Lla, following the defeat of Igeyorhm, Thordan uses the right eye of Nidhogg from Haldrath's body and a millennium of prayers to become a Primal form of King Thordan. Stating that he is not a pawn of the Ascians, he kills Lahabrea and absorbs him. The Adventurer confronts King Thordan and his knights. In the end of the battle, King Thordan and the knights are defeated and turn into aether.

After his death, the True Brothers of the Faith, which comprise of supporters of the late archbishop, starts to terrorize Ishgard by murdering people and arson. The powers from King Thordan also cause the Warring Triad in Azys Lla to be awakened.


  • He and his Heavens' Ward, as King Thordan and the Knights Twelve respectively, are a reference to the summon Knights of the Round in Final Fantasy VII.
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