Just like you, Alison, karma can be such a bitch.
~ Archer to Alison

Archer Dunhill is a major antagonist on the television series "Pretty Little Liars". 

The former doctor of Charlotte DiLaurentis and the husband of Alison DiLaurentis, Archer was secretly in a relationship with Charlotte and posed as Elliott Rollins to gain the position of her doctor. After her murder, Elliott teamed up with Mary Drake to avenge her death. He is an unseen main antagonist in Season 6 and the initial secondary antagonist in Season 7.

He was portrayed by Huw Collins.


Archer posed as a man named "Elliott Rollins" and fell in love with Charlotte DiLaurentis, but after she was murdered, he was heartbroken and suspected her adoptive sister Alison of doing it. He married her to steal her money, and he worked with her aunt Mary Drake to make her go crazy. She put herself in Welby State Psychiatric Hospital where he worked as her doctor, torturing her for "killing" Charlotte. He was later found out and was accidentally ran over by the Liars, being killed in the process, and was buried in a nearby forest. After his death, it is revealed that he was also in league with Jenna Marshall and had seemingly paid her and Mary to perform unknown deeds.


  • Despite his true name being revealed, most characters still refer to him as Elliott or Rollins.
  • He is heavily implicated to be working for/with Uber A, as both have the same latex masks and agenda and Archer is in connection with someone who informed him that Alison didn't kill Charlotte, something that Uber A also did to Alison. Uber A later confirmed he was operating separately from The A-Team.
  • A figure, as a mailman, watches Emily sitting inside the Montgomery house from the window.

At The Radley, as a bellhop, the figure walks behind the girls and out of the hotel; they step into a black car and remove their disguise.

  • Instead, when they plug it into their laptop, Caleb appears on the screen with a message before a virus is planted in the computer that corrupts their files.



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