Sir Archibald Gilchrist is an antagonist from the third season ("World Edition") of the Facebook game Criminal Case. He was the killer of Jacqueline Proust and the leader of The Promethians. He is also the CEO of the European Bank Council. He first appeared in "God Save the Prince" (Case #1 of "World Edition").


Archibald is the 61-year-old CEO of the European Central Bank. He wears a suit and tie with a bowler hat on his head and he carries around a cane.


Archibald first appears in "God Save the Prince", where he was interrogated by the player character and Jack Archer. This is because he was on the scene of the murder of Prince Albert. Archibald doesn't seem upset about his death, but he claimed it was due to his British stiff upper lip. He was spoken to again when the team found out Prince Albert spoke out about Archibald and his plan of turning children's hospitals into shopping centers.

Archibald returned in "Murder's Cheap". Jack Archer and the player had to speak to Archibald when Ingrid Bjorn told them that he had had a meeting with Demetrios Metaxas, who had been stabbed. Archibald was spoken to again when he was scared a bomb had been placed. Later, an anonymous caller phoned, saying that the bomb had been placed. The anonymous caller was then revealed to be Archibald.

Finally, in "The Impossible Dream", French novelist Jacqueline Proust had been killed by a brazen bull. Archibald was spoken to when a cigarette box was found with dozens of rubies, which were his. Archibald said he was doing business with the Promethians. Archibald was suspected as a Promethian, which he shot down at Jack. Archibald was found guilty of killing Jacqueline, and also of being the leader of the Promethians.

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