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Archie, formerly known as The Archer, is a minor antagonist from The Penguins of Madagascar.

He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Archie is a raccoon who appeared in the episode "Mask of the Raccoon". He was shown to be stealing numerous items from other animals of the zoo. He was first portrayed as a "Robin Hood" type character who speaks in a fake French accent. He tells the penguins that there are less fortunate animals outside the zoo - such as hungry possum families, old flightless pigeons, and orphaned baby chipmunks - who need help. Touched by this story, the penguins help Archie by persuading the other animals to give away their possessions.

The next day, Private decides to give his beloved butterscotch lollipop to the Archer. During the search, they are told by Fred the squirrel that Archie is a "lying backstabbing cheat", though also his friend. The penguins run into a shed where they hear what sounded like someone picking a fight with the Archer, though it turned out that it was just the selfish raccoon yelling at a fighting match on a television.

It is then the penguins learn that Archie took advantage of everyone's kindness for his own gain. Trying to get away, Archie is stopped in his tracks and, following a painful punishment by Rico, he is forced to give away the stolen items to the less fortunate.


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