I have many names, my pale friend. I am Mendora in the Berussian cluster, Torak to the Drellians...The Klingons call me Fek'lhr.
~ "Ardra" on her many names.

Ardra was the alias used by the female antagonist of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Devil's Due.

She was portrayed by Marta Dubois.

A member of the Circle of Jilaan, in the mid 24th century this woman had become aware of the Ventaxian mythological entity Ardra and that in the 14th century the people of Ventax II had entered into a Contract with Ardra for 1,000 years of peace and prosperity at the end of which she would return to take control of Ventax II.

She prepared extensively for her role, studying the Contract of Ardra quite carefully. She then set about using technology such as tractor beams, holograms, and transporter effects to manipulated the people of Ventax II into believing Ardra was about to return.

On the day the contract came due, she appeared as Ardra in the capital city. She demanded a census and economic forecasts from the Ventaxians. At first the Enterprise crew speculated about the possibility of Ardra being another refugee from the Q Continuum, or Q himself, but Picard noted that Q would never bother with contracts.

Picard and the Enterprise crew worked with a Federation science team on Ventax II to determine how Ardra was creating all her "magic" effects, especially after she claimed the Enterprise as her own ship.

Picard was able to manipulate Ardra into entering into an arbitration with him over the validity of the Contract of Ardra. Meanwhile Geordi LaForge was able to pinpoint her cloaked ship that provided Ardra with all her magic tricks. The Enterprise crew took over Ardra's ship and exposed her scam to Data, who was acting as a judge for the arbitration.

Realizing she was exposed, Ardra said she was releasing the Ventaxians from the contract and began to move towards the door. Before she could escape the Ventaxians arrested Ardra for her deception.

Ardra was later retrieved from prison by the crew of the USS Aventine to assist the crew of the Enterprise in resolving a series of attacks on the Klingon Empire where a group of criminals was using illusions similar to the ones she had used. She was offered parole on the condition that she undo the damage the Circle of Jilaan had done over the years. Finding that preferable to going back to the prison where she had spent the past twenty years, she agreed to that condition.