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Art is not meant to be confined.
~ Are We Cool Yet?
If there is one image that comes to the mind of any art historian when the 1924 Expo is brought up, it is of that iconic photo of Duchamp and Ruiz posing side by side with their fellow artists in front of the still-closed doors, Marcos seemingly leaning over to whisper something into Duchamp's ear. For decades, many have speculated on what words Marcos had for his colleague during that memorable instant; a question of metaphysics? Or a challenge? An affirmation of their coming to terms? A reminder of the reason why they were there at that moment of time? Perhaps an expression of amazement at the multitudes that had come to see them? According to one reporter who claimed he stood close enough to overhear that whisper amidst the din of the crowd, it was all five at once, expressed in four simple words;
"Are we cool yet?"
~ An excerpt from the "Coolest Wars: Memories of a Critic" on Are We Cool Yet?.

Are We Cool Yet?, often stylized as AWCY?, are an antagonistic faction in the SCP mythos.

They are a surrealist art movement originating from the 19th century who commonly utilize anomalies in their artwork. Some cells have been known to produce anomalous public displays which often result in death, injury and psychological harm. They play a major role in "The Cool War" series, and its sequels.


AWCY? has no overall leader, no central headquarters, few traditions and no membership requirements beyond the creation of anomalous art accompanied by the phrase "Are We Cool Yet?". The movement is comprised of many cells. The composition of these cells varies, with some having a central creative figure and others having no clear leader. Some AWCY? members believe that one does not even have to be aware of AWCY? to be a member of the movement.


The AWCY? movement first emerged during the nineteenth century when scientists first started to study anomalies. In 1874 they held the first annual Sommes-Nous Devenus Magnifiques? exhibition after the Salon des Magnifiques refused to allow anomalous artworks to be exhibited.

Relationships with other anomalous organizations

The SCP Foundation, the Global Occult Coalition, the Unusual Incidents Unit and the Horizon Initiative consider AWCY? a hostile group and a serious threat to their goals of preserving normalcy. Continuous efforts are being made to track down and contain AWCY? artworks before they can cause serious harm.

Gamers Against Weed was founded by a former AWCY? member named Jude Kriyot who left the movement after his friend was killed by an AWCY? exhibition. Because of this they are hostile towards AWCY?. However due to GAW being mostly nonviolent they do not engage in direct conflict with each other.

Some members of the AWCY? are also members of the group known as the Serpent's Hand, but appear to be some of more pacifist in compared to most AWCY? members.

Among their employees, Dr. Wondertainment has also hired a number of AWCY? members mostly due to their ability at creating anomalous objects.

Famed anartist Olivia Torres, also known as Ivory, was a member of AWCY? who mostly operated in Three Portlands. As the Foundation kept relentlessly pursuing her she eventually joined the Chaos Insurgency.

One AWCY? cell, Cool Yet radio, are responsible for SCP-4150, a cognitohazardous rendition of the Beatles song "Penny Lane" which makes reference to "the Seventh King". This implies that Cool Yet radio, and possibly other AWCY? cells, are unknowingly serving the Scarlet King.

HANSARP is a dadaist nihilistic group of artists made out of disillusioned members of Are We Cool Yet? who were gathered together by Boris Aldermann, leader of a sect of the Church of the Broken God in Germany who originally lead the group. They believe that everything is meaningless and without rules, that "cool" and "broken" are just dismissible concepts, and that discord is the most ideal way of life.

SCPs associated with AWCY?

  • SCP-092: A set of 3125 audio CDs, each labeled "The Absolute Absolute Absolute Absolute BEST of The 5th Dimension!!!!!", which forces listeners to hear the entirety of the songs till the end at which point the listeners would vocalize in unison "Wow, that was real cool". They were created by a member of AWCY? with the help of various members of musical band the 5th Dimension, but he was dissatisfied with his creation and so surrendered himself with the CDs to the Foundation.
  • SCP-173: A living monstrous sculpture that when not looked at will rapidly move to its nearest target and kill them by snapping their necks, or strangulating them. It was created by a member of AWCY? known as The Sculptor.
  • SCP-1800: A bronze sculpture resembling Le Minotaure by Salvador Dalí. When metallic currency is put on the drawer of its lower right leg it activate and enter a pending state. While in its pending state if it is put in close proximity with people matching the profiles of Alpha-1800-1 and Beta-1800-1, it will point at Alpha-1800-1 with its two fingers, designating him SCP-1800-1, and point at Beta-1800-1 with its three fingers, designating her SCP-1800-2. If SCP-1800-1 is in a same room as SCP-1800-2 he will proceed to torment her, and depending on the amount of the currency it can range from simple harassment to violent rape.
  • SCP-2635: An uncooked red potato that when held by a group for over a year half of its members would spontaneously combustion and die, or if it was one person holding it then they would die through the same manner, while everyone else would not notice the deaths. It was created by a member of AWCY? on a commission by a Chechen anti-Russian organization who sought to use it to assassinate pro-Russian influential figures before it was confiscated by GRU Division "P".



  • The group Are We Cool Yet? was originally created by PoorYoric as a mockery to the disliked users of the SCP site who wrote edgy and pointless action stuff on the site. The name "Are We Cool Yet?" was derived from a context of a overwhelmed bully trying in a whiney way to stop their victim, who decided to fight back, by asking if they were cool with each other.
  • In 2021 a group in the internet began using the name of the SCP group when sharing blueprints of 3D printed arm modifications. PoorYoric addressed this issue on the site and expressed disgust at this act and demanded the group who read the site to stop using the name for their actions, even though it was technically legal.

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